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I am Kajal Behera, 18 years old girl from Kandhamal district in Odisha. My mother is a domestic menial worker . I lost my father when I was six years and younger sister eight months. Since then my mother has been doing various menial jobs for the survival of our family. In the presence of my father, we led a decent protected life

My mother was a typical house-maker and rarely stepped out of the house. But the untimely death of my father and under financial constraints, my mother stepped out of the house in search of work. Being not educated, not worldly-wise she could only locate domestic menial works in the locality. Realizing her handicap as an uneducated, for which no decent jobs were offered to her, she was adamant her daughters continue their studies after the demise of her husband.

 After I passed class Ten from the local school my mother insisted me to further attend education to complete Plus-Two course. But seeing the burden of us two sisters on her and her failing health in keeping with her responsibilities my conscience forbade me to do so. But instead, insisted me to partake in bearing responsibilities of our family. I too started doing various small jobs available in our locality. It brought me no shame in doing such menial unskillful jobs in spite of my schooling, it over-shadowed my pride in being educated because by doing such jobs the money which I earned was helping ease the load on my mother and we together with our joint earnings could give more comfort to my younger sister and could also pay the fees for her tutorial classes and other extra curricular activities. 

A friend introduced me to crowd funding and how they helped sex workers to better opportunities which set me thinking, what about us domestic menial workers? I discussed with my friends. If donors are supporting the causes of sex workers will they support us, menial workers? The answer was: You never know unless you try. A decision was to be made on what to do? how could I help others like me with generous support from donors? Opposite our home, a lady runs a small Tea stall. In my spare time, I help her in preparing salted snacks served with tea to her customers. Should I utilize this in my venture? Then a Coffee Shop will be most suitable. Such snacks can be shared with coffee by customers. Also, it will be the first Coffee Shop in our small town, it will be a viable project. I shall run this Coffer Shop along with other girls who have faced similar hurdles in their education so they too can cherish a decent job with a decent life. Together, from revenue generated in the Coffee Shop, we will also support the education of deserving daughters of domestic menial workers, be enlightening their future, their morale. 

For this proposed Coffee Shop, serving eight flavors of coffee I will be needing around Rs 4,50,000/- to invest in:-

 (1) 1nos. coffee vending machines with 8 option flavors  @ Rs 90,000

 (2) 1 no. Soda vending machine @ Rs 1,50,000/- 

(3) Refrigerator @ Rs15,000/-

 (4) Microwave oven @Rs 5,000/-

 (5) gas cylinder, gas-stove, furniture, electrical fittings, crockery interior-decor and other small amenities.

 Also, rental charges of the space with 2 months advance to Landlord, and if the power supply is to be upgraded then charges to be paid respectively. With help from well-wishing supporters along with their blessings, it will be a boon for me and also for those deprived girls who will also be a part of this venture. All this shall form a great combination for the future success of the Coffee Shop venture and all of you please, please do bless us with your visit.


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