To Teach Free Yoga for the Villagers of All Ages in India

By Rajeevan Moothal

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The health of common people in villages in India also almost degrading due to life style. Most people in all ges are more prone to diseases due to lack of physical, mental and spiritual excercies even in remote villages. Hence this is an attempt of an individual, myself, to teach yoga to the villagers in North Kerala by teaching yoga for free in their own home on free time , like morning and evening times.

  In the light of International Day of Yoga celebration world wide, it is very important that we Indians strnegthen our village communities of all ages by teaching yoga in their own home and make them stronger physically, mentally and spiritually.

   I am an Internationally certified Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Alliance USA for 200 RYT certification and I have been teaching yoga for the last 15 years.

 Recently I have taught free yoga in Ethiopa in East Africa and the students and the communities found it very effective mechanism for transforming their life physically, mentally and spiritually.

   So worldwide yoga is becoming more and more effective for people to get more healthy life. Hence it is high time to teach villagers in India a free yoga, as villagers can not afford the rate per hour of yoga classes.

  Hence it is a request to all to contribute for this mission to teach yoga to the village communities in Kerala and in future to the villagers of Whole India. The money will be utilised to buy yoga mats and yoga dresses for the village communities and also for travelling expenses for the yoga teachers , including myself and the assistant teachers to me. They are all freelancers and and want to meet their expenses while travelling around the villages in India.

   Hence contribute for this rare attempt to empower India through yoga and its spiritual pwoer to tranform village communities who are the backbone of our Motherland!!!

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