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My name is Abhimanyu katkar. We want to start a Scholarship Programme for Poor and Promising University students. Money for Monthly scholarships payout will be earned by non profit organization. This non profit organization will make money by advertising business. Adverts will be displayed on Free Cellphone charging Stations with digital display on it. This Free Cellphone charging stations will be kept at crowded places in respective cities. Advertisers will pay for adverts shown on these digital displays. This descent pay i.e. revenue will be given monthly as scholarships. 

So, we need money for Developing Cheapest Cellphone charging System with digital display to show adverts. We don't have any money to start the project but with your help, we can develop such thing and start non profit organisation that will contribute to students education across globe.

we have pure purpose to help our fellow students out there. If funds are raised then there's tremendous possibility to spread this SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME ALL OVER THE WORLD

WE NEED HELP...Please help us raise the required amount by clicking on the donate button and/or sharing this fundraiser with family and friends.

We are grateful for your help!

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