To empower and train the Mentally challenged children.

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ANBUMALAR SOCIAL SERVICE VISION is a social service initiative started to reach out to

the marginalized and the under-privileged with the aim of transforming them into useful and

economically self-supportive individuals in society and to teach them to serve one another in

love in order to live a fulfilled life. It was founded in the year 1998 and registered as a society in

2000. Anbumalar is a Tamil word which literally means “LOVE- FLOWER”. 

For the past 15 years, Anbumalar has been engaged in the task of locating and imparting special
education for the mentally challenged children, in Chennai initially and later in Tiruvallur Dt.
since moving to our Mafashkanpet campus, near Redhills and Manali . Children in our institution
are mostly from the lower economic strata in our society. In fact this is the guiding principle in
choosing our target group. Typically the child who is a student at Anbumalar comes from a
home where the father is a coolie. The parent/s may be unemployed or household helper/s or
daily wage worker/s. The father could be a drunkard. The child may be one of several children
in the family. There is a good chance that such a child is neglected or under-cared for at home
due to the above mentioned reasons. And it is not unlikely that the mentally challenged child
from such homes is left to wander about without proper care and be in a pitiful situation. Due to
their personal and/or socio-economic problems, the parents may not take the initiative to send the
child to a special school. There is a real danger that such a child may be rejected by the family
who may feel that he/she is a burden to them and society. Such children, when they grow up,
loiter the streets as mentally unstable beggars or destitute. Anbumalar intervenes in the lives of
such children at a crucial juncture in their lives and rescues them from a potentially disastrous
future. We send our staff to locate such children and arrange for them to be transported to our
school every day or provide them necessary special education, vocational training and therapies
(Physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy) in a small way for those needing it and
referring those needing more special education, vocational training and therapies to other centers
to them. Our service to them has been totally free of cost. Thus we assist in bringing some hope
to those who were otherwise in a terrible situation.

We herewith humbly seek your prayers and valuable support – in cash through this avenue for the mentally
challenged children in our organization to enable us to continue our service towards ensuring the
health, well-being and development of these special children who also share this world with us.

We appreciate your kind contribution. 

Thank you 

S. J Selwin Josh Paul 


Ms. Punitha Viswanathan (Newcastle, UK)

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