In an era of hate and bloodshed ..humanity stands above all.

By Vikrant joshi

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Some of our very initial topics that we are want to cover are titled as : Kashmir : The Crowned valley , The True Line of Control : Series having a two part sequence covering both of the hottest borders of our nation interacting with the soldiers guarding them getting off the record insights to issues that would otherwise be left in the dark , Sinking India : Loosing land - An official documentary shot in first person concept to the real effects of the global sea level rise on India and its effected people. we have a ton more to come and without disclosing our official scripts we cant go further we would rather show you for yourself.. we are gonna revolutionize independent media.. stick with us..


All you seem to hear about these days when it comes to domestic news is about hate and bloodshed throughout the country. Let's face it ignoring and neglecting topics and facts that make society uncomfortable is never gonna be the solution.. for long enough have we blatantly ignored the very fundamentals of basic human life in our country..  ' its suppose to every man for himself ' or is it! Why have we forgotten that has a species we evolved as heard hunters..even our ancient ancestral   ethics displayed fending for each other not isolating yourself in order to ' Better ' yourself and place yourself above the rest. This mindset of im better than you is not gonna help our growing society change in the right direction with the youth of this country exposed to social media its the best way to spread the right amount of awareness.. knowing and do a lot...the power of knowledge changes things and makes things happen where they need to happen to better society.. for each and everyone being a part of it. 

Hey..Im a Dj/Producer and  yes i know what youre thinking shoudnt i stay to music?? well i dont limit myself to a certain vision.. one should always be a dreamer the concept of envisioning a better world is somthing our society completely lacks and people have just gotten use to SETTLING to caving into decaying rotten schedules to turn the other way in the eye of unrelated issues to stick to your own mentality and care about your own values but not for one second looking at us as a whole. let me put it this way..i have a crew and i wanna put together a series of documentary type Video concepts but not with the generic shooting policy.  That is one of the primary reason why an independent funding campaign is the best way to go.. we have our entire story lines and research done and we are ready for production.. all we need is the right backing.. we wanna bring change and we believe educating the Indian people about the issues that need to highlighted the right way is the way to go.. i am currently running a youtube channel but haven't really put out anything based on our concept. This is what we envision to do.. get a first person view at the issues that have enslaved the people into a death penalty..or worse . We dont need to tell you that throughout our motherland there is a lot that needs to change.. give independent media a chance..we wanna make this happen and with you backing this project we are gonna ensure that we deliver the  first person view and you can make your own  judgement call. BE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.   The Namaste Project.

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