The Share Street- Unique shopping experience for underprivileged

By Nishita Agarwal

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Many underprivileged never get a shopping experience like the one we get at a Mall, as they have to depend on what others give. They just pick up things given to them, as they do not have a choice.

People want to help the underprivileged but do not always know how to. When they want to give away things at various centers, there are questions like "Whom will this thing that I have given, go to?", "Will it reach the right person?”

In addition, many people stock up things hoping that it will be useful to them sometime in future when someone else is in dire need of it at that very moment.

Hence, I am creating A Share Street- a temporary mall created on Streets for few hours to give the underprivileged a shopping experience. Here the less fortunate ones will be invited to select and shop what they need, for free.

People will be encouraged to donate as they can see who will be the receiver of their donation thus maintaining transparency.

The Share Street will be conducted at different places starting in May and will continue.

Hence, I need your support to initiate The Share Street.

As this will be conducted on streets, minimal cost of 8000/Share Street for set up is required. The fund raised will help me to conduct initial 4 Share Streets.

Join me in my cause of building a platform for giving a shopping experience while maintaining transparency in donations.

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