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Give Nepali women the skills they need to rebuild their livelihoods following the earthquakes

Give Nepali women the skills they need to rebuild their livelihoods following the earthquakes

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The Global Women's Project
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The Global Women's Project
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The Global Women's Project
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The Global Women's Project


What's the situation?  

Nepal was struck by two devastating earthquakes in 2015, which destroyed thousands of women’s homes and decimated their livelihoods. In the aftermath of the earthquakes, we saw levels of violence against women soar and the exacerbation of many inequalities that existed previously. We know that supporting women to rebuild their lives in Nepal following the earthquakes is imperative to their ongoing safety and security.

In Nepal, it is well documented that women have limited job opportunities and are often unpaid or underpaid for the work they do. Women in paid employment often work in labour intensive roles like carrying bricks at construction sites or working on family farms. Nepali women, like many women worldwide, have limited financial independence, limited decision-making power in their households and therefore limited control over decisions that affect their lives.

What's our solution?

It’s a pretty simple idea with the potential for big impact! Almost everyone in Nepal has a mobile phone, but they are expensive for the average user. Unlike industrialised countries like Australia or Singapore, there is a strong culture of reuse, re-purpose and recycle in Nepal which means there is a big, country-wide market for mobile phone repair services. We believe that this presents a perfect opportunity for women to be trained to fill the supply gap in the market and to rebuild their livelihoods post-disaster.

Women Get Mobile is a vocational skills training program designed to increase women’s economic empowerment by giving them the tools they need to repair mobile phones, and supporting them to use these new skills to generate an income for themselves and their families.

The program is a joint initiative between The Global Women's Project and our grassroots partner, The Women’s Foundation Nepal, who has been instrumental in improving the status of thousands of Nepali women through vocational education, business development programs, leadership training, legal services and advocacy since 1988.

What impact will the program have?

Women Get Mobile will train an initial 15 women in mobile phone repair and customer service, and then support them to train a further 90 women - meaning 105 women altogether will be trained.

In the short term, participants will have highly marketable and in-demand skills with which to earn an income and rebuild their homes and livelihoods after the earthquake. Based on average family size in Nepal, we know that this program will have a strong positive impact on hundreds, if not thousands, of Nepalis experiencing severe disadvantage. 

  1. In the long term, we are hoping to see our participants benefit from:
    - Improved physical safety due to the rebuilding of homes damaged by the earthquakes;
    - Increased financial security and independence, with greater control over resources and decision-making power;
    - Positive changes in community attitudes towards women and the kinds of work they are capable of.

    A thorough end-of-program evaluation led by our International Programs team will enable us to increase the scale of the program in the future so that we may support even more Nepali women and families to rebuild their lives.

Fund utilisation.

With the support of Impact Guru, we are trying to crowd fund the cost of providing a mobile phone repair kit for each woman in the Women Get Mobile program. 

Each kit is priced at $38(USD) or $50(AUD).

That means our grant total crowdfunding target is $3,990(US) or $5,250(AUD)

Can you help us reach it?

Please note: should The Global Women’s Project not be successful to receive the “Women Get Mobile” grant through Project Inspire, all funds raised through this crowdfunding campaign will go directly towards supporting the running of Women Hubs across Nepal with the Women’s Foundation Nepal. These Hubs are vital in supporting women and their children continuing to experience severe disadvantage following the earthquakes.

Important note on fees.

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About us. 

The Global Women’s Project is a non-profit organisation based in Melbourne, Australia, on a mission to see women worldwide equal and empowered. We know that one of the most effective ways to promote gender equality and to improve women’s safety and security is to invest in women’s economic empowerment. So we support grassroots women’s organisations in developing communities to deliver education, leadership and livelihood programs for women. For more information on our programs, partnerships or how we supported Nepali women and families following the earthquakes, please visit our website:


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