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Women of Worth (WOW) is a registered non-profit agency whose primary objective is to work towards the empowerment of the girl child, adolescent girls and adult women. Over the last decade, WOW has impacted the lives of countless women through its awareness campaigns, training workshops and rehabilitation programs. Today, WOW is a movement that seeks to empower women to stand up for justice, equality and change in all facets of life in both local and global contexts.

Women of Worth’s Fearless project is an initiative of their Girl Arise Campaign, to ensure a sense of safety and security on all student campuses be it schools or colleges.

The Problem

53% of children in India between the ages of 5-12 have suffered sexual abuse with boys being abused as much as girls. Did you also know that every 15 minutes there is a woman being raped in India with one in three below 18 ? These statistics provided by the Human Rights Watch along with studies done by various organisations show a disturbing trend. A trend where schools, colleges and communities which should be places of safety turn into the exact opposite.

The Solution

This project requires partnership with educational institutions (schools and colleges)  to prevent and identify signs of child abuse, harassment and other detrimental behaviours that could hinder the maintenance of a safe and pain free environment. The partnership will include workshops for teachers and management staff in order to understand abuse, identify signs of abuse and to build a rapport with the students entrusted to them. Schools can also, with our help, create a safety mandate for themselves by systematically creating recruitment screening checklists and adequate safety measures. We will also conduct workshops for students to help them deal with issues such as abuse and bullying while giving them some tips on media literacy as well.

The Impact

The plan is to partner with 100 schools and colleges across India in 2017 - 2018 to conduct Safety Awareness Drives to equip management staff, teachers and students with valuable tools and resources that will ensure safety on campuses. Through this project around 1,00,000 students between the ages of 5 and 18 will be made more aware on issues of safety. Around 5000 teachers would be more equipped to provide care for those traumatized and help prevent abuse.

Let's pledge to make schools and colleges a safer place for the future generations to come.

Total Program Cost 

  •  Fearless project for one school - The cost of conducting a full day workshop for students and teachers within Chennai will be ?30000 excluding conveyance cost if the school is outside of Chennai.

  • Training of Teachers - A training module for teachers and management will cost a total of ?15000.

  • Training of students - Safety awareness programs and workshops conducted specifically for students will cost ?15000.

To make our cities a safer place for children and to help them #livefearless donate towards this project!

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