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When you are fitted in a race car & you Race to Win, Second or Third place is not enough! – Ayrton Senna

This is applicable to each & every person associated with the car & not just the driver. When you see the car’s engine make a thundering noise on a race track full of sports enthusiasts, a passion flows in their bloodlines like never before and we want “You” to experience the thrill, the passion and the adventure that is Team MH-08 RACING!

Team MH-08 Racing, a student engineering project prospering under the wing of Rajendra Mane College Of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai University, is a Formula Student team of racing enthusiasts from various backgrounds, cultures and fields of undergraduate studies brought together by their intense desire to revolutionize the concept of Formula student racing on an international platform.

Standing strong by our motto, ‘Passion Drives Our Story’ we aim to conceptualize, design, fabricate, test and race an open wheel, open cockpit and light-weight formula-style race car and participate in Formula Student competitions across the globe in some of the most renowned F1 racing tracks in the world with the goal to be the best team in the world.

Since its first competition in 2015, Team MH-08 Racing has come a long way in terms of experiences. The team has participated in Formula Student Design Challenge 2015, Formula Student India 2016, Formula Bharat 2017 and will be participating in FFS 2017 under FMAE.


Team MH-08 Racing in its Debut Achieved overall 21st Rank with “Best Aesthetics” Award in Formula Design Challenge India 2015 Held at Kari Motors Speedway Coimbatore.

TEAM MH-08 RACING - FUNDRAISER 2017 - story -1

Won ‘The Most Popular Car Award’ Of Formula Student India 2016 held at Buddha International Circuit, Noida.

TEAM MH-08 RACING - FUNDRAISER 2017 - story -2

Secured 2nd Rank in ‘The Most Popular Team’’ of Formula Bharat 2017held at Kari Motors Speedway, Coimbatore

                                                                                                         TEAM MH-08 RACING - FUNDRAISER 2017 - story -5

Achieved  10th  Rank  in Formula Bharat 2018 qualifying quiz among 113 teams all over India

TEAM MH-08 RACING - FUNDRAISER 2017 - story -10


TEAM MH-08 RACING - FUNDRAISER 2017 - story -6

M1- SEASON 2015

           TEAM MH-08 RACING - FUNDRAISER 2017 - story -13 


M2- SEASON 2016

TEAM MH-08 RACING - FUNDRAISER 2017 - story -13

M3- SEASON 2017

Now we are going to participate in Formula Student by FMAE in September 2017 and Formula Bharat 2018 in January 2018

TEAM MH-08 RACING - FUNDRAISER 2017 - story -8But for every dream to become true, there comes a lot of hard work, passion and exceptional amount of talent ; but most of all, it needs a gateway!

Keeping in mind the vast nature of Formula Racing, trying to catch up with our Global competitors becomes a tough thing when you do not have enough funds to make changes as you desire. Our major goal is representing INDIA on International platform. We believe in making the best use of our knowledge and resources to do good for the mankind. We believe that assistance from generous backers would help us immensely in making this project a success and also, help us achieve greater success .




TEAM MH-08 RACING  is the only formula student team from rural area to achieve such great achievements in such a short period . With a team full of passionate undergraduate engineers from rural have made it possible by designing and building  formula student race cars in rural area where  resources and technology are  still unavailable. And race cars which  compete with college from metropolitan cities at National Events . TEAM MH-08 RACING has a passionate dream to represent India at International platforms and achieve huge heights for our country. #passiondrivesourstory

So if you are a Motorsports enthusiasts , a loyal company worker, a housewife or even an individual who is willing to offer a helping hand by being their backer, kindly do not hold back from doing the same!

You can provide the us  with financial aid by donating towards our campaign on Impact Guru. You can also spread the word on social media, so that more people know of our achievements, and more can help us in representing India globally.


TEAM MH-08 RACING - FUNDRAISER 2017 - story -9





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