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It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. In this modern era, we try to overlook the consequences of increasing air pollution. Surprisingly, vehicles are the major cause.


But inside of every problem lies an opportunity. Technological innovation is indeed important to economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities.

About the competition

This year is the 8th edition of SAE-NIS EFFICYCLE. It is an Intercollegiate design competition for the undergraduate and graduate engineering students where team of 10-12 students have to design and fabricate an energy efficient Hybrid human powered three wheeled electric vehicle.

Efficycle stands for Efficient –cycle, a hybrid human-electric trike capable of seating two passengers. It aims to radically change the way people travel within cities. 

The detailed description of the sub-systems of the trike is as follows:-

1) Design:- The CAD Modelling of the trike was done using Solidworks software and significant analysis was done using Ansys software. Maximum forces were taken for stress analysis of each part of the trike. 

2) Transmission:-Highly efficient single shaft transmission was incorporated in the trike. It aims for achieving better reliability, maneuverability and other responses of the trike.

3) Suspension, Braking and Steering:- The efficacious working of the trike relies on the coordinated and efficient performance of all these sub-systems. Light weight Shimano disc brakes, dual hand lever steering system and fork suspension was incorporated.

4) Innovation:- Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress. Considering this, we have worked upon the features which enable the vehicle to monitor the sober state, pulse status, seat belt lock/unlock status and many other attributes.

Necessity for funds

The final budget of the trike is equally divided among team members. Using specialised innovations and different battery pack involves a huge expenditure. We are unable to achieve such high budget, we request you to support us.

                                                                                        BE A PART OF OUR JOURNEY!!


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