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** Team Acceleracers - FUELing the FUNDtank! **

** Team Acceleracers - FUELing the FUNDtank! **

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Team Accceleracers
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Team Acceleracers
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Team Accceleracers
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Team Acceleracers


Who we are

1. We are Team Acceleracers ,a group of auto enthusiasts,taking their passion for formula racing to the next level.

2. Every year we design,manufacture a formula style race car and compete in prestigious national as well as international events through the season.

What we do 

1. We design and manufacture each component ourselves.

2. The design is finalized after a detailed study of the components and after studying all the probable ways of optimizing

the design .


3. Manufacturing is mostly done by us in our workshop with some external help from our sponsors.

4. The mammoth task of raising funds , getting sponsorships and marketing activities are handled by our non-technical department of the team.

5. Lastly we give the finishing touches to our brand new creation and gear up for the upcoming season.

Our Achievements 

2011 - BLACK PEARL :

Our first car which started our journey of building racecars.

2012 - CARBON :

The first & the only carbon monocoque in India till date which was also the opening car for supra 2012. Got 1st place for Engineering design & 2nd place for Innovation.

2014- WOT : 

It was one of the fastest cars at the event & was awarded the 2nd place for Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

2015- COMET :

The lightest car built by the team till date weighing 195 kg. It was the lightest car at the Supra event that year.

2016- COMET 2.0 :

The team's 1st venture in AerodynamicsRepresented India in the team's first international event - FORMULA MOSCOW. Stood 7th overall at the event & was highly appreciated by Narain Karthikeyan (India's F1 driver) & also by the design judges from Spain.

      How will we utilize the Funds ?

1. Design Optimization for lighter,sturdier and better performing components 

2. Financial stability for R&D purpose (Monetary funds).

3. Event expenditures for the entire season including shipping costs & student travel.

4. Workshop equipment (Up to date).

5. Replenishment (keeping in stock )of parts for rigorous testing purposes (eg. Engines,shock absorbers , drive shafts, sensors,etc.).

Our Authenticity

1. The college funds & co-ordinates most of our activities.

2. The team has a dedicated faculty advisor who manages the team's accounts and its transactions.

3. The team's international venture in 2016 was sponsored by the Russian Government. 




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