Syrian Blossoms Tell the World about 7 years of Life & War

By Nebras Dewish

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Have you ever thought how would it feel to be a kid siting in a shelter hearing the horrible sound of a missile approaching over your head !

What might have you immagined during these painful moments !

Have you ever thought about the taste of forcely departuring your distructed house leaving behind your killed family or friends just few hours before!

How would the experience of adapting with new society looks like !

How would a 7 years old child who was borned and grewn up under the war sercumestances think about life and future ! Does he even have a hope!

Those hard moments, feelings, and stories deserve to be told to the world by Syrian kids with thier own sincere simple words!

Kids always tell the truth, all they need is someone to listen , and we do believe that the world loves to hear from them !

In this projects we are planning to conduct many workshops with kids inside Syria , encouraging them to express their experiences of Loss, Displacement, Suffering, Missing and Death, etc  through creative writing and drawing sessions with the help of psycho social support specialists, artists, anthers, and of course with help of our 10 years experience of working with kids in similler atmosphere.

As a result we will produce some products which carry their effective sentences or drawings ( printed book or brochure written and drawn by the kids themselves, T-shirts, cups , etc ).  The revenues of selling the splendent products will go back to the war affected children in Syria!

Yes,since there is a sun shining every morning in the sky, we can still together make something positive in this harsh life !

We can help Syrian kids spread the world with their stories about 7 tough springs in which they have not bloomed ever.

Share this Story with your networks, let the flowers BlOOM !


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