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The advantages of opting for solar power rather than electricity are not unknown. We live in a world where global warming is a constant threat to the environment. It is not only a threat to the survival of mankind, but also to several plant and animal species. At such a time, it is our duty to be environmentally cautious and mindful of the power we use. Steps need to be taken to make sure that consumption of non-renewable sources of energy are slowly removed to make way for renewable and sustainable methods. 

Years and years of research has gone into the concept of utilizing nature’s elements as our constant sources of energy. We are now able to harness tidal energy through turbines, wind energy through windmills, and solar power through solar panels. 

It is time that we implement a system whereby solar energy is easily available and accessible to all. Therefore, we at Vyomakesh Business Consultancy embarked upon a project that aims to provide solar rooftop panels to real estate developers, so that residential areas rely on solar energy rather than the government’s supply of electric power. 

The problems we are solving:

  • Slowing down global warming to a great extent

  • Saving a lot of money that is spent on electric power supply

  • Providing jobs to at least 25 people working on this project

  • Expected to provide energy to at least 100 apartments 

  • Provides energy independence and reliability 

All the funds that we receive through this campaign will be utilized in the purchase of solar panels, its supporting structures, building base for the panels, and laying pipelines for power supply.

If you believe our initiative will benefit society, we request you to help us further our endeavor by making a monetary contribution, as well as by spreading awareness about the importance of solar energy, on 

Facebook and Twitter. 

Each donation has the potential to create a sustainable future for all of us. 

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