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Swasthya Pahal - A health for all initiative

Swasthya Pahal - A health for all initiative

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Sushain Sharma
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Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society


Mission of the Organization

"To translate research into practice through the use of technology-based solutions that can empower individuals and the environment where they live in for the well-being of themselves, their families and the communities."

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver" 

                                                                                                -Mahatma Gandhi

"Prevention is better than cure."

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Problem Statement 

The world today, is going through multiple transitions. Economically the world is rapidly addressing the issue of extreme poverty. This is leading to changes in both social dimensions and demographic dimensions.  Our healthy lifestyle has come to a halt. Our work leaves us with no time to involve ourselves in physical activities. This is affecting us today with chronic heart diseases, cancers, mental disturbances, diabetes, and several hormonal imbalances. All of this can be prevented by planning and executing a proper health check-up to prevent the disease from spreading. Therefore, it is important to go for yearly or monthly preventive tests to increase chances for treatment and cure. 

Few facts about healthcare in India:

•    31% of the rural population have to travel over 30Km to get basic medical treatment.

•    The doctor to patient ratio is 1:1700, which should have been 1:1000in India.

•    About 75% of the healthcare infrastructure is concentrated in urban areas, where only 27% of the population resides.

•    About 29% of Indian population is hypertensive. One-tenth of rural and one-fifth of urban Indian hypertensive population have their BP under control.

•    According to statistics from the International Diabetes Federation(IDF), India has more diabetics patients than any other nation in the world.Current estimates peg the number of diabetic in the country at about 62 million – an increase of over 10 million from 2011.

Our Solution

Swasthya Pahal, a Health for All initiative uses SMAARTTM platform’s Portable Health Information Kiosk (PHIK) to make health available, accessible and affordable in rural, tribal and urban slum settings in India. The Initiative aims to screen, monitor and provide lifestyle counseling to 100,000 individuals at risk for Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity every year. 

The entire program of Swasthya Pahal is designed for continuity of care. The first level at which population will interact with the PHIK would be the routine screening program. The program will focus on individuals both male and female and screen them for a variety of disease conditions. It will be entered on a specialized mobile application.

The first step in using PHIK system is the registration process. In this application, we register a beneficiary in the program.The registration process starts with compiling data which is - name, demographics, contact information, geographic information and other information pertinent to health-care delivery. The information is noted by using an
  application which then uploads it to the central server. Once the registration process is completed the preventive health checkup is carried out through the help of a  through frontline health worker (FHW). 

Currently PHIK offers 5 diagnostics. 

These are presented in the table below.

Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar

After compiling the diagnostic values and other clinical parameters that are necessary for the NCD screening , a risk card is automatically generated by the PHIK. The SMAART risk card is then given to the patient followed by the health communication and lifestyle counselling.

Here is how can your donation help us

For every Rs. 30/- you donate, we will be able to screen 1 person. Your donations will help us in reducing the cost significantly and  making sure that people get their health checkup done on time before its too late . You can also share this initiative by sharing the campaign page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Whatsapp (on mobile) and spread the word about this  so that your friends and family can learn about it and come forward to offer support.

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Clinical Evidence:

Swasthya Pahal - A health for all initiative - story -2

1. Feasibility of Electronic Health Kiosks to Assess Chronic Disease Status in Remote Areas of Developing Countries


2. Using Portable Health Information Kiosk to assess chronic disease burden in remote settings


About Us

Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society (FHTS) was launched on 6th March 2012, by Dr. Ashish Joshi with an aim to use technologies as a medium to bridge the gap among the social, health, education and economic inequalities through evidence based public health research resulting in overall well-being of the individuals, their families and communities they live in. FHTS emerged as a concept that has gradually shaped into a dedicated mission with an extraordinary global intent, aimed at propelling society toward self sustainable development and better health outcomes.


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