Supporting Farmers with sustainble Income through Beekeeping

By Manish Vaghasiya

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Little Honey Bees are at rescue for hardworking poor farmers.

Rising debt and fear of crop failure drove 51-year-old farmer, Valjibhai Gevariya, of Rampur village, Amreli to commit suicide on 4 Sept 2016.

Valjibhai was rushed to hospital for treatment. However, he died on his way to Amreli town. Son of the deceased farmer, Mathur told us that Valjibhai was under heavy debt. He also feared that his crop would fail this year and he will not be able to repay his loan.

As many as 91 farmers have committed suicide across 14 districts of Gujarat in the last five years due to crop failure and debt burden among various other reasons.

These hardworking farmers have no options.

They can't read or write. They have no skills, no training, and no one to care what happens to them.

These farmers grow up knowing no other life; as they are trapped in these situations from birth, a new generation is raised with no hope for a better future.

Fortunately, a non-profit organization called Beellion Bees: Gujarat is helping these Hardworking farmers leave their deplorable conditions, by offering them alternative, dignified, sustainable parallel source of Income.

So what are we doing and what will be the impact?

BeellionBees wants to train farmers in bee-rearing which provides them supplementary income over and above the income they get from agriculture.The team works to increase agriculture yields for small & marginal farmers in India through low cost beekeeping.

Small & marginal farmers consists 80% of the farmers in country & practices Agricultural farming. Farmers are used to migrate every year for additional income.Beekeeping with minimal investment of time & money brings the sizable impact on yields. This project can help such migrating farmers earn additional income by doing beekeeping with little effort, and it is estimated that overall benefit of beekeeping is over 14% of the cost of the honey & beewax.

BeellionBees wants to train farmers in beekeeping including women thereby increasing their income by 20000-25000 annually.

Beekeeping requires minimum investment of time & money, thus the forefront benefits from just a single activity of beekeeping that is livelihood diversification, increased agricultural output, employment, enhanced environment & increased income due to access to market for honey can bring  a revolutionary change in lives of farmers.

A one pager explaining how the impact lasts long and brightens he future of the family forever

Supporting Farmers with sustainble Income through Beekeeping - story -2

Here's one for our unsung heroes.

How YOU Can Be Part of the Solution - Don't these hardworking, food provider Deserve Our Help?

The farmers don’t need or expect much for themselves. The freedom from poverty and dignity that comes from doing meaningful work and generating parallel income source is a huge reward. The farmers want to reach more famers, to bring more of their friends out of the darkness and into a safe and loving environment.
We are willing to raise Rs. 9 Lakh for the following work:

# Train 100 farmers & make them pro Beekeepers.

# 25 Trained Beekeepers will adopt 250 beehives. ( 10 hives each famer).

These farmers are willing to take risks - work hard - and learn new things - to make their lives better.

Yet they need supplies and equipment in order to make this miracle happen that funds their efforts to save their friends.

 Right now, their most urgent need is for:

    #Guidance  & Practice in Beekeeping

   #Mellifera Bee Hives ( Each hive costs Rs 4000-4500/- , includes BeeBox, Frames, base wax sheets & Mellifera Honey           Bees)

   #Help in migration of Bees in odd seasons.

   #Extraction & maintenance tools

So little money can do so much good!

Just a little help can support one of these farmers to pay his debt, ensure food for his family and education for his children.

Share this with your friends & others who can help. Let them know you have taken an initiative and they can do the same. The more honey the farmer make - and the more that people buy - the more of these hardworking farmers we can earn. Help them come out of the darkness.

Rewards for the supporters:
 These pure souls are willing to give reward to their supporters. A sweet reward – a jar of Honey.

Rs. 500 – A 300gm Honey jar harvested directly from one of the Beehive. Your generous support provides a smile on the face of our food provider, our farmers.

Rs. 1000 and more -  A 750gm Honey jar harvested directly from one of the Beehive. Your generous support provides a smile on the face of our food provider, our farmers.

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