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By Sandeep Bansal

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It was a summer afternoon in September 2016 when I saw 3 kids in school uniforms on a bike, jumping the signal. On the other side of the road, there was a speeding car that hit the bike, and the boys suffered serious injuries. Two days later, I read in news that a 21-year-old girl was killed by a 34-old-man who had been stalking her for over a year. The man stabbed her 22 times with a pair of scissors. The shocking thing was that there were more than 30 people present, but no one came forward to help the girl. These two episodes left an indelible impression on my mind.

Road accidents leave around 1320 people injured and 463 people dead everyday in India. 

Improper safety rules and lack of awareness among civilians claim too many lives everyday. If this problem is not addressed soon enough, more lives of our loved ones will be claimed by road accidents. What’s worse is that we haven’t inculcated the habit of helping one another in a tragic situation. Sympathy is not enough. We can just stand and stare, we need to act!

I decided not to sit back and complain about the issue, but instead take matters into my own hands. I started talking to school authorities, and they all had same complaint - students travel to school on 2-wheelers and parents don’t stop them. I spoke to parents, and they said kids don’t listen to them. When I spoke to the traffic police they said that when kids are caught for a road safety offense, they simply get away by having their parents pay the penalty. Who is going to take responsibility then?

All said and done, I realized that it's the students who need to be educated and counselled about the importance of road safety, and following rules. That’s the only way to have an impact. Hence, I spoke to schools about organizing workshops on road safety, but they were not ready to pay for such an activity. With help from a few friends, we started doing workshops on road safety in schools. We hired trainees to work with us and conduct these workshops for students

Our mission is to inculcate the habit of following rules such as wearing helmets and seat-belts, driving within the speed limit, adhering to signals, and moreover, encouraging them to come forward to help victims of an accident. We will also focus on rules such as not talking on the phone or not messaging while driving.

Through a series of these workshops we want to bring about a change in the way drivers, riders, and pedestrians behave on the road. 

Please donate towards our efforts in building a safer India by conducting workshops all over the country. You can also help us spread awareness about this problem by sharing our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Education and awareness is the only way forward, so let’s all come together to make the roads safer!

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