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Many forests in India have disappeared. 


The soil has been exposed to heat and rain. The water levels are imbalanced. Flooding is unmanaged. Flaura and fauna is getting sparse. The wildlife has lost their habitat. Indigenous communities have been displaced. Timber supplies have reduced. Biodiversity is threatened. The planet is getting warmer.


Yet, forests in India continue to fall.


To tackle this crisis, Moneycontrol and Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CERE) have joined hands and are working towards a crucial project, ‘URBAN AFFORESTATION PROJECT’.

Urban Afforestation Project (UAP) aims to increase the green cover in Indian cities and also help companies, organizations and individuals reduce their carbon footprint. Most importantly, Moneycontrol and CERE will constantly undertake carbon calculations to determine the carbon sequestration value of the entire project over time.

While CERE has been a pioneer in championing environment sustainability, Moneycontrol is taking the onus to highlight the importance of preserving and nurturing the green economy, as part of the larger economic system. Through this project, Moneycontrol and CERE are together driving the message of securing not just the present, but also the future of the green economy.  

Here’s why we really NEED an Urban Afforestation Project:


A city like Mumbai has only 15 trees for every 100 residents!


The lung function of the average urban Indian is 30% lower than the average urban European.


In 2012, India was the 3rd largest Greenhouse Gas emitter in the World.


Aims for the Urban Afforestation Project:

-Plant 5,000 tree saplings (3-4 feet tall to ensure higher survival rate) across Maharashtra

-Plant only well-rooted native tree species to promote local flora and fauna

-Geotag each plantation site to monitor growth

-Calculate carbon sequestration value of every tree planted.

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The cost of planting each tree is Rs 285, which includes the cost of a large sapling, transportation, labour and maintaining the sapling for a minimum of 2 years before it can survive on its own. This would translate to the need for INR 4,00,000 for the project to commence and be successful


Let’s ask ourselves a question we ought to ask more - Does it really make a difference to you?

Why would you really care if a few plants and microorganisms perish?


The thing is, the magnitude of the issue is much larger than we anticipate, going way beyond a few plants and microorganisms. By cutting down trees, we are risking the quality of our own life. Us, urban species hardly even know what fresh air is like; because we’re used to breathing in polluted air, and we don’t even realize it. But the consequences manifest in the form of breathing disorders, lung failure, and other health problems. 


That’s why we ask all of you to join in on this mission to RE-FOREST Urban India. 


CERE’s expertise has made them well equipped to run operations of sustainability and carbon management, but they are seeking sponsors to support the scope of this project. Make a donation towards this campaign and support the project on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin, and Google+. The more we spread the message, the more trees they can plant.


At this stage, we are not in a position to gamble with climate change. So, let us all do our bit for the planet and contribute towards a greener India with Moneycontrol and CERE.

It's time to Green our Concrete Jungles.


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