7-Year-Old Veer Still Fights Thalassemia After 6 Years

By Dil se Mehek

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Bouts of fever, cold, diarrhea, weakness and severe fatigue plague my 7-year-old Veer everyday. For years now, our emotions are constantly switching between anxiety, worry and pure fear of his condition. My son, Veer was diagnosed with Thalassemia at 6 months of age and still fights for life.

He has been receiving treatment ever since. The constant trips to the hospital leave us mentally and physically drained. Our visits are simply countless hours spent staring at Veer, who has tubes jutting out from his little body. The sound of people climbing stairs is the only thing that kept me company. 

After his 6 year battle, Veer finally needs a bone marrow transplant at the earliest to survive, costing Rs 15 lakh.

I quit my job 2 years ago to take care of Veer. The household depends heavily on my wife’s income of Rs. 5000 per month.

The future still looks bleak for Veer. We are trying to gather every ounce of strength possible. Khushi, his little sister will most likely be identified as the stem cell donor. I’ve sold my land back in Haryana to pay for all the medical expenses we have incurred so far. My mother is also on medication for high sugar, and her medicines set us back by another Rs. 10,000 a month. These expenses have put us in perpetual debt. 

We lost our first son to a critical brain injury, a year back, at age 8. The state of our second son has been keeping my wife and I on edge all these years, as we both have the same unspoken thought. It seems all too familiar. I didn’t even have enough time to process the death of my first son before Veer fell ill again. His death took a toll on little Veer and on his little sister Khushi, who used to emulate him to a great extent. Veer always wished to be like his Bhaiya and was very close to him.

Veer used to happily go to school only because he associated school with fond memories of his Bhaiya. Now, he can’t step out of the house because of the constant fatigue. His body has even turned pale due to the lack of red blood cells in his bloodstream.

With your contribution, we can afford the treatment our son urgently needs. We lost one child already and cannot possibly survive the loss of another. Please make a donation towards Veer’s bone marrow transplant and share our appeal with your friends and family on Whatsapp and Facebook.

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