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By Mohd Imran

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My 6-month-old baby boy Abu Baker is our pride and joy, our only child who we welcomed into the world with a happiness that was interrupted all too soon. Within weeks of his birth, Abu was diagnosed with a dangerous congenital heart defect that also gives him symptoms of pneumonia. Doctors said he would need a series of surgeries to rearrange the veins in and around his heart so the defect is set right, and then Abu can go back to the normal life of a healthy and happy toddler. 

The first thought that came into my mind was the question of how I would pay for Abu’s treatment. It has been painful to watch him burning with fever, crying loudly from the pain, and unable to digest even a few spoons of milk. My job at a small private company in Moradabad only pays about Rs 10,000 a month. This pays our rent and household expenses, but we haven’t been able to save for a rainy day.

For the first surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi, I borrowed from friends and relatives and spent every penny I had saved. The operation cost Rs. 3 lakhs. Abu will need two more open heart surgeries in quick succession for his treatment to be complete. Even after that, he will need postoperative care, expensive medication, and follow up doctors visits to ensure that his recovery is going in the right direction. This will cost another Rs. 5 lakhs.

His heart surgery now depends on what we manage to raise through this fundraiser. A contribution from you, no matter the amount, can help me get my child the treatment he requires as soon as possible. Please consider contributing and sharing the campaign with other who can help too!

We will be grateful to you,

Mohd Imran


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