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Durga has dreamt of becoming a doctor since she was very young. She studied very hard, without any help from her family (who have themselves studied very little), or from any extra tuition classes. While there is rising concern and educational guidance available today to children, Durga during her 10th board exams would finish all the household work, take care of her siblings, and even help her father in his tailoring work while giving her exams. She never lost sight of her dream to become a doctor. Despite her incredible hard work and diligence, this dream seems more and more distant, because she doesn't have the money to pay for college fees.

This is only one story of many girls, who struggle against rising poverty, gender bias, and indifferent government services, to simply get to school. Lack of funds however forces many girls to drop out, and back into the cycle of grinding poverty and powerlessness. It has been seen that continuation in education is a major factor in many girls managing to postpone early marriage, pregnancy, and other pressures. This campaign seeks to raise funds to give one silver lining to these courageous girls who fight against all odds to continue in education.

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