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Almost 1 month back I met Rahul, a 10 year old boy selling stuffs like candies, small packed dry snacks etc. in train. Saw this smart boy with 3 other sellers of the same group selling stuffs in train .In the conversation with them we got to know that there are many other kids like him staying at Nalasopara slum area who are child labourers. Each of them is either early School droppers or never went to school. I went and personally visited the place, met their parents and saw their poor plight. No government schools nearby, unhygienic environment, no educational culture, small private but unaffordable  schools nearby.


   We at Desti foundation collected info for total of 140 such kids in that area.  We have now decided to send our volunteers to educate them and prepare their base so that they can be admitted in schools for a better future. Kids with no education will definitely have a tough future ahead, indulging in bad habits of smoke, drugs etc. which will not only spoil their lives but also the environment and will badly effect our society as a whole. 140 kids, their schooling etc. for a year will cost around 10 lac for a year which comes around Rs. 595 per month for each child. We at the earliest try to send these kids back to school and monitor their progress personally. Also our volunteers will be coaching and encourage them for free for the entire year to ensure they are continuing with their schooling. 


 Come forward and donate generously for betterment of these kids future. And we truly believe that nothing is impossible if we all join in hands together. 

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