Super Charging Station for Electric Vehicle

By Ardhendu Mondal

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Super charging station is the next generation fuel pump.So let us build for the future.


Hi , my name is Ardhendu  Mondal. I want to make a  Project on  Super Charging Station for Electric Vehicle.

Project name:  Super Charging Station for Electric Vehicle

The aim of the Project:  

1.Encouraging Pollution free travel

2. Reduction of pollution due to taxi autoriksha  driving in cities

3. Reduction of transport cost

Who are going to get benefits:

1. Society as a whole to live in less polluted environment

2. Common people using autoriksha/taxis

3. Tourists/weekend travellers might get lesser cost in travels in case of car hire which in turn will benefit and boast  travel growth in our country..

4. Future generation  to see greener planet

5. A step towards reduction of emission and will help in achieving Global Warming measures

6. Electric car manufacturers

7. Reduction on dependency on oil export

8. Electric car owners because of lower fuel cost and less maintenance

How supercharging station will help?

For an electric  autoriksha the range is  90 km only and after full charge. After it the car has to be charged in home charger will take whole night. During the day this happens have to wait for the  whole day

A Mahindra Electric car will have a range of 120 or 140 km on full charge. After it slow charging will take upto 8 to 9 hours. Fast charging may take 90 minutes to 2 hours. So in travel mode people will not have the time lapse to cover . This project will make electric vehicles on the move and change the requirement our country to go 100 percent on electric vehicle transformation in 2030.

Super charging station will charge electric car vehicle within 10 to 20 minutes upto 80 percent charging level. So the super charging will help reduce the time of charge and will make the electric vehicle on the road to any where travel where supercharger network is present.

Cars to be Charged:

     1. E-bikes

     2. E-riksha

     3. Taxi

     4. Any utility Electric car/ Hybrid car

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