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‘Clothes make the Man’, ever wondered how true this saying is? Be it a corporate meeting or a social affair, it is so important to be well dressed with spick and span attire. We also invest to look good. But do we really have that time and patience to do our laundry?

DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited, provides just that you are looking for. We believe in providing the highest quality laundry services available right at your doorstep and at your time.

DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited seeks to be the Numero Uno wash and fold service providers, offering you free pick-up and delivery right at your doorstep. Our laundry professionals will give your clothes the personal care and attention you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Motto: You Wear, We Care
Our moto rightfully enables us to make your clothes, thereby making you… 


How we were constituted?

We identified the pain areas in people’s lives surrounding laundry:

  • Working professionals have no time and deciding between socializing or family time and laundering over weekends becomes a difficult question
  • Heaps of clothes get gathered over time, with no-one to attend to them
  • Several times washed clothes remain unattended due to dependency and boredom
  • Many times our self-washed & folded clothes are not done as well, due to which, premium clothing wears-out very soon.

All of these problems needed immediate and expert solution just like the way our body needs regular Health checks or Spa, so do our Clothes need the best. Therefore,DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited was constituted with the motto; You Wear, We Care, with the utmost expert solution that make your clothes look good for you.

About Us

DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited is an upcoming leading online laundry service provider with domain name as which is offering best quality laundry services that uses state-of-the-art technology by leveraging on web based technology. It picks up your clothes from your doorstep and delivers healthy, neat and tidy clothes back at your doorstep.

Our Spick and Span quality control ensures that the chemicals and detergents used for cleaning purpose is safe for your Clothes and Healthy to your Body to Wear. With deep expertise of Garments and fabrics, the team uses Safe, Healthy and the best processes during Washing & folding, Ironing and Dry cleaning. We offer you Personalized, Quality Services with Reliability and flexibility at Affordable Prices right at your door in 72 hours. Simply select your garment care preferences and we will customize your laundry as per the requirement.

So just relax, while we take your load off, by taking care of your laundry. Why spend precious time doing the laundry when DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited can do it for you-just the way you like?

Our Laundry Services 

Dry Clean

Wash and Fold

Regular Ironing /Steam Press


Antiseptic Wash

Fabric Softener and Conditioner


Shoe Servicing

Special Services for Corporates, Residential Society, Hospitals, Hotels, Airlines,Institutions and Others

Our Laundry Processes 

You can Just login on our Website or Call us on 750-518-1010 to schedule pick up.

 Once Pickup is Scheduled, Clothes are picked up from our doorstep, customer is given Order receipt.

Clothes are tagged to avoid any loss and sorted accordingly as per Fabrics, Stains or Color.

Some Clothes undergo pre- health wash treatment for removal of tough Stains

Sorted Clothes are washed in water, antiseptics and detergent.

Sorted Clothes are used with fabric softeners and conditioners.

Cleaned Washed Clothes are then Pressed with Industrial Iron safely and carefully.

Cleaned Washed Ironed Clothes are Folded and then Packed/Hung as per Requirement.

Washed Ironed Clothes are Returned to the Customers with Respective Order Discharge Receipt

For any Regular Services, total time taken from Pickup to Delivery is 72 Hrs. Only Express Delivery is done within 24 Hrs as per condition apply.




Free Door Step Service:

No cost for pickups and Delivery

Customized Automated Frequency: 

Our Budgetary Subscriptions Services can make flexible pickups frequency at your conveniences like ATS- (Automates Teller Services)

State of Art Technology:

Log on our Website or Call; Your orders can be place, track and trace instantly

Quick Delivery at your conveniences

Reliable Quick Delivery, flexibility of timings makes you Relax and Comfortable

Eco Friendly Concept

Spick and Span Fabric Care Controls from our experts ensure eco- friendly processes without hampering the environment and saving water.

Save water and Time:

In every washing cycle for washing 30 garments requires approximately 150 -180 litres of water. If the same is laundered by us, we save at least that much of water and time for you.

Monthly Money Saving Plan:

Our Budgetary Monthly Plan reduces your family monthly billing and increases your saving account balances

Neat and Tidy Packaging:

Garments are Fold or on Hangar as per request from customer for Neat and Tidy Packaging making you look elegant.

Social Responsibility

As an organization, we have tied up with NGOs for donation of your old clothes, papers, books and toys as part of our corporate social responsibility. We recognize those customers as ANGEL and reward them with ANGEL badge for their valuable contributions toward society.


Business Services

For Corporates

Research shows that we spend an average of 8 to 10 hours per month on sorting, washing and ironing.

What if you were to provide that extra personal time to your employees by merely taking away the laundry from them?  We are available 8am to 8pm, 6 days a week.

Want to discuss how DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited can help your business? Simply, get in touch with us.

For Resident Society, Hospitals, Spa Clinics and Gymnasium

For residential societies, it is the easy way to offer an attractive washing, ironing and dry cleaning services whether you require direct-at-door we’ll find a convenient solution that keeps residents and your members happy.

Best of all, at no hidden costs. Our customer service is ready to answer to any type of queries.

Interested in DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited Residential Services? Simply, get in touch with us.

For Health & Wellness: Hospitals, Spa Clinics and Gymnasium

We provide services that will take care of your Health and Wellness requirements, with off-site as well on-site washing, ironing and dry cleaning services with concierge to find a convenient solution that keeps your members happy.

Our customer service will maintain all service records for you so that you can concentrate on other very important work.

Interested in DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited Residential Services? Simply, get in touch with us. 

For Hotels and Airline Services

DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited provides hotel-quality laundry hire and dry-cleaning services for Hospitality Management and Serviced Apartments across Mumbai. Flexible to your requirements and available 6 days a week, we offer guests a professional, 5-star experience that’s affordable and luxurious. We make your staff look neat and presentable in those laundered uniforms.

At DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited, we only provide the best washing, ironing and dry-cleaning quality – the feather-light towels, cushions and the sophisticated blankets or sheets, all backed with our quality guarantee. Whether you need a full linen hire and clean option, or just the occasional laundry service during busy routines, DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited is there to help.

With competitive pricing and flexible contracts, we make doing laundry easier as never been before – check out our quotes for today.

For Any Further Information You are Most Welcomed To Contact Us or Write At.

DoveWhite Angels Laundry Private Limited

(CIN: U74999MH2017PTC291496, PAN: AAGCD0429F)

Gala No.130, Basement, Golden Trade Centre,

Tulinj Road, Nalasopara East,

Palghar District-401209

Customer Care No. 750-518-1010,

Email Id:

Contact Nos: 02503211615 /9833775673/9833777698

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