Sound of Peace- A Documentary film searches Peace throgh Art

By Harsh Narayan

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I am a Filmmaker and humanist, currently working on my Documentary film titled, 'Sound of Peace'. I have been mentored by veteran filmmaker Mr. Shyam Benegal for more than 15 years, selected for first ever NFDC Director's Lab, studied at FTII-Pune, and have made documentary & animation films.

The culture of SOUTH ASIA is artificial aggregate of the cultural heritage of many nationalities, societies, religions, and ethnic groups in the region, traditionally called a sub-continent from a Western-centric perspective of Asia. Both geographically but culturally too, this part of the world has had a great sense of unity and common history for its cultures and peoples. Therefore, South Asia can also be called a distinct continent in itself.

In our current situation where sanity has sunk to its lowest depths, I seek an answer to this growing social menace through my film, 'Sound of Peace', a work in progress. In seeking an answer, I am interviewing scholars, social thinkers, artistes, industrialists, filmmakers and others from South Asian nations, and also covering artistic pursuits / concerts leading to peacebuilding efforts; each time an incident of animosity, conflict and hatred is reported, I am more convinced that voices of sanity must be heard.

One possibility of easing off friction and encouraging ties to promote positivity in South Asia, I believe, is by creating powerful narratives through meaningful cinema & other artistic endeavours; this documentary film is an effort that would nurture an atmosphere of love and help look beyond our mutual conflicting zones.

It's a Feature length Documentary film, and 50% of the Film’s production is already complete, your support will pave the way for completion of the remaining production as well as post-Production such as, editing, colour grading, sound design, Dolby, Digital Intermediaries, etc. Total length of the film will be 120 minutes (two hours).

Every Donor's names will be mentioned in the Credits of the film. Those donating Rs. 50,000/- or above will be credited as Co-Producers, 1 lakh and above as Associate Producer, 5 lakh & above as a Producer, and the one donates Rs. 10 lakh & above will be Credited as the exclusive Presenter of the film. The film will be sent to International film festivals across the world, after release.

So go ahead in donating and please help me fulfil my dream by contributing towards my project or sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family!

Will be grateful for your help!

Harsh Narayan


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