Support public school in Katavaram Thanda

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Solar systems with battery backup for 6 public schools in Telangana State.

Solar systems with battery backup for 6 public schools in Telangana State.

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Kelly Mermuys
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public school in Katavaram Thanda
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Kelly Mermuys
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public school in Katavaram Thanda


Improve the lives of more than 1400 kids through solar energy in public schools!

Why support this solar project on public schools?

Many villages in India have no (or bad) access to the grid. The technology of solar power can solve this problem by converting the abundant sunlight into electricity. 24/7 access to electricity can improve the lives of so many people in India and get them out of the circle of poverty.

Inspiring examples on how solar energy influences the villagers help to create awareness about this available solution.  

So, while building up this project, I shared my field experience on renewable energy in villages in India in unique videos that I shot myself. I’m convinced that creating awareness is the first step to make change happen. You can watch all my movies here: Many more will come where you can witness the successful implementation of this proposed project.
By starting solar projects on schools, we can plant a seed for whole solar village projects that can help to improve the livelihoods of the villagers.
That is why we selected 6 public schools in villages around Hyderabad in Telangana state. On these schools, we will install solar rooftop photovoltaic systems with battery backup. (Net metering is not a preferred solution because the grid connection is often not very good.)

Supporting this project has many advantages for the students and the schools itself. On top this project contributes to the goals of the Indian Government in renewable energy and it can even help Indian organizations to be compliant with the CSR law that is in place in India.

     Overview of advantages of supporting this solar project.

Where is the project located?
The total project is spread over 6 public schools. The fundraising campaign will be launched school by school. So, this campaign is focused on the first school in Katavaram Thanda. This school only has access to electricity since the end of 2015 but the supply is still very erratic.

   Overview of locations of the 6 schools. This campaign focuses on school nr. 1 in Katavaram Thanda.

What is the project exactly?
The total project of 19 kWp solar rooftop photovoltaic systems with battery backup is divided over 6 public schools. The campaign will target school by school to ensure maximum focus and direct impact with the funds collected.
In each school, a technical study (based on load data collected from the schools itself) is conducted to define the size of the installation. We decided to build a solar system that meets the current electricity needs of the schools. This can always be extended in the future because the available roof surfaces are bigger than what we need for the current installations. The detailed estimations for the solar installations are approved by Telangana New & Renewable Energy Development Corporation (TNREDCL).

             Overview of size of installation per school

Which investment is needed?
Based on the conducted technical studies we know the ideal size of the system per school. The unit costs for photovoltaic systems with battery backup from TNREDCL defines the pricing for the needed systems. (source: TNREDCL/SE/SPV Off-grid/1-5kWp/2016). This includes design, supply, installation, commissioning and all taxes. An annual maintenance cost (AMC) for 5 years is also included. 


      Overview needed investment per school for a solar system on their roof in Indian Rupees                                                                                      

   Overview needed investments per school for a solar system on their roof in Euro 

On behalf of the school we will fulfill the administrative requirements to get the state/ national subsidy if available. For Telangana State an MNRE subsidy and installation of the system can only be approved after an in-principle approval for the project from our end and a receipt of 100% advance funds.  
Administrative/PR charges from our end to guarantee and follow up a spotless execution of the project in the field are also covered in the investment.    
The schools become the owner for the new solar system and are responsible for the operations and maintenance.  

When is the implementation planned?
The solar system will be installed as soon as the financing process is completed. The construction process per school is less than one week for the small solar installations needed here.  

What do you get in return when you support this project?
First of all, it gives you/ your team the fulfillment to contribute to a positive change!
Secondly your name or logo will be mentioned on
And for donors that support an entire school at once, a special video episode will be made on why you/ your company support the school. In the school, we will put a billboard with your name/logo.  

Next phase of the solar project?
This first project contains the implementation of solar systems on 6 different public schools. The crowdfunding campaign will be launched school by school. So, if the solar project on one school is completed, we will launch the campaign for the next school.
The idea is that this project on 6 schools is only a start for something bigger. The solar projects will be helpful for the education of the kids in the individual schools. After this is completed, we can dream bigger. Maybe full villages can get inspired and this can be a start for 100% solar energy villages like e.g. existing already in Banjarpalli &Erravalli (see episode 2 & 3 here: ).  
This project can also inspire other schools in the mandals or other states. We let it organically grow and will see what the future brings.  

Background information
To every involved school a field visit was conducted and the details for the technical study were collected. You can find here an overview of all the involved stakeholders.

Here you can find a detailed impression per school that is involved in the project. This crowdfunding campaign focuses on the school in Katavaram Thanda.

More info & contact
Do you have further questions or ideas? Please mail me on [email protected] or visit my website on


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