Snakes : Revered , Feared and Killed. Lets Save them before its too late

By Manan Tholia

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RAKSHA is a youth based organization working for animal welfare and their rights. Founded in 2003 with the aim to protect urban wildlife. It advocates a world where every species matters and strives to preserve the nature in and around Jaipur through providing rehabilitative care, emergency response and spreading awareness. Throughout the year, Raksha carries out different projects to make animal welfare evolve. We run a permanent Snake and Bird Helpline rescuing over 700 reptiles and 1500 birds annually.

Snakes in India are revered but yet killed out of fear and Ignorance. Since ages these magnificent crawling creatures have been known to mankind but with a thought of being feared or scary. This has had a very big toll on snakes and snake populations around India.  As people do not know much about snakes some people knowingly or unknowingly get bitten either walking in high density snake area or maybe trying to remove a snake from an area.  Every year over 20000 die of snake bites in India and many snake bite deaths go unrecorded. In a survey done by our team in a village 80% of the population said the first thing they do after seeing a snake is “KILL” it. Many snakes in India which mistakenly enter residential areas are often killed at sight as people do not know how to identify the species and also they do not have numbers of people who do rescue work in their city. Lastly the snakes are also effected by habitat loss, reduced tree cover etc.

The solution to this problem lies in the fact that people should be more aware , should know how to tackle a snake situation, know about species inhabiting their city, preventive measure in high density snake area, know about snake myths and fallacies. Snake Awareness Programs in schools colleges colonies have a big impact on the public. If people are aware and know about the species they will let it be where it is and will not break the environment chain. 

Over 10,00,000 people should be impacted by the campaign through various social media platforms, awareness programs , leafleting etc. The campaign will make people understand and treat reptiles with respect and equality and definitely not a fear factor. The campaign will also enlighten people about handling a snake situation tactfully. 

Please help us by supporting our endeavor to help the revered but unknowingly killed reptile: The Snake.

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