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Small and Medium Business

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Arvind GK
IT Infrastructure Technology Solutions
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Arvind GK
IT Infrastructure Technology Solutions
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IT Infrastructure Technology Solutions

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We create a maintain a separate page highlining the people who donated for the good cause


The Summary

SMEs are a fundamental part of the economic fabric in India, and they play a crucial role in furthering growth, innovation and prosperity. Unfortunately, they are strongly restricted by not having IT resources, due to expensive IT resource in India that they require to grow and expand, with nearly all of SMEs access to quality IT Support faces a major constraint. They might not be able to access the best IT knowledge and will do with whatever is available at the price they can effort and face strongly unfavourable operating conditions, even more so following the recent Digital Transformation initiative by Modi's government, they know online is the future but are  hampered by the lack of quality and trust-able  and cost effective information technology support support to engage in SME online.  The overall result is an absence of a well-functioning SME online market, and SMEs are impeded in their growth, with negative consequences for innovation, economic growth and macroeconomic resilience.

  • My Name is Arvind GK, having over two decades of experience in IT, resigning my last job as GM IT for reputed organisation. Have developed a support model for addressing SME segment burning need. My profile can be view at
  • We have developed the entire implementation and support environment for the SME segment digital transformation
  • Following are the essential service list
  • An online sales portal for any kind of product or service - No commission for any middle man, payment directly to the seller's bank account.
  • A online Learning Managment System to ensure clients employee are up to date with the online sales procedure and manual using the tool, when a new employee joins he just needs to learn from the LMS content very specific to clients implementation and need, a chat tool will help the learner to reach us for any clarification, sparing more time for the owner to run his business.
  • A complete support system build on ITIL framework
  • Your investment will help us to create an IT support system that will become one day the trusted backbone of the SME segment,

The Pitch & Impact

Your contribution will be used to build the basic structure, your contribution will enable us to lower price our service, which will enable our SME's to be more competitive in local as well as export market.

  • Your contribution will make quality technology service available to the SME segment at cheaper rate where it is needed most
  • Your contribution will lay the foundation stone for more opportunity and employment generation.
  • Your contribution  will enable many SME's to come online
    there by making improvement in the economic conditions.
  • Your contribution will enable two decades of experience available to our SME segment
  • We have to build a local market aggregation platform, where all micro, small entrepreneur can share the platform and reach the local market.  

The Risks and Challenges

I have been promoting the concept many have expressed their  interest in concept but are not ready to take the first step, as alway most are afraid to step into the new concept of the online market.

Clients Fear that online market will fail

Clients sticking to traditional business model

We have invested time, effort and money in developing the model, we have a working  proof of concept readily available,

Online Selling:

Learning Managment system: Http:// 

ITIL based Support: http://it-infratech/glip

For the first few we want to implement free so that the market see success stories, we need funds to do some of the real-time implementation completely free so that it creates a tangible reference point for other to join the race to online market.

How these Funds will be used

We have done most of the basics, we need funds to move to the next stage, and that too  very minimum as rest of the things are in place 

We are looking at Rs 10,00,000.00 as over all requirement to bring the product to the market in next six months. to do the initial marketing and promotion we need Rs 5,00,000.00 within the next month. 

We are confident with the initial investment and positing  of the products we will be able to generate enough revenue to sustain comfortable 

The below financial feasibility of the project will put things in the correct prospective, we have taken the minimum of 6 customers for the first 6 months and another service like website development and Blog site development for SEO promotion as 20 number to generate the below financial details.  

As we have automated most of the activity and we work on outsource model, there by reduced the fixed expenses of every month, since it is dynamic it can be scaled to any level as the needed as demanded by business. 


#1 (26 Jan, 2017)

We create a maintain a separate page highlining the people who donated for the good cause


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