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Skill a youth - because SKILL is  POWER 

Unemployment & underemployment is the root cause of poverty in India. This can lead to social unrest, anti-social upsurge, inequality and economic down fall of a robust economy.

On the other hand Indian economy has witnessed high growth for a reasonably long period, a number of studies have identified the serious shortage of skilled manpower in relation to the need to sustain the high growth trajectory. Estimation indicates a need for a 20 million increase in skilled workers by 2015 or an incremental 1.5 million people to whom skills need to be imparted every year. The current system needs to gear up to address these issues:

India has world’s youngest population with 63% in the working age by 2020. The current skilled force is only 2% while the skill gap is 25 crores by 2020.

“Give a person a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a person to fish; and you have fed the person for a lifetime”

Ants Consulting & Services a social enterprise working in the domain of skilling youth and help them to access employment after certification. Ants aim is to provide life-long learning opportunities to anyone who wants to build a skill and upgrade it through out their life time.

The primary focus is to provide skills to underprivileged youth like schools/ college drop- out and unemployed youth to provide skills that can be certified and later placed.

Ants has trained more than 1,25,000 youth in the past 11 years and is a training provider empaneled under several State/ Central Govt. Programs.

Ants provide the best of the Training Facility to unemployed, unemployable youth. After the training, they are industry certified and ensure the trainees are employed.

99% of the training conducted are low-cost or free training sponsored under CSR, Govt. funding. However the funding is not sufficient to invest in state-of-the art training infrastructure and lab facility  & best of the resources in the following field:

Health Care

Media & Entertainment

Fund utilization

  • Funding is needed in buying equipment’s and lab facilities in health care training like General Duty Assistant, Phlebotomy, Emergency Medical Technicians, Vision Technician, Lab technicians.
  • 25 computers  I-4 computers to teach Animation- 2 D & 3 D, VFX, Graphic Designing.
  • Software and education licenses
  • Reference books and e- books
  • Ants has invested in classroom infrastructure, Computers about 10 of them and also a few of the equipments for Emergency Technician and Vision Technicians, requires funding upto Rs. 5,00,000/- to buy the remaining equipments which are enlisted below.

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