Heard of CONSUMERs who shop on e-commerce sites being Rated

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I am Syed, the think-tank behind scoreClik.

I am sure you have heard of rating systems worldwide... Sellers, products and organizations rated based on parameters especially on e-Commerce sites.

Pause, have you heard of consumer's or e-commerce buyer's being rated ? Have you ever been offered a higher discount compared to another shopper despite the fact that you have been a great shopper with minimal Return's, Cancellation's or Exchanges ? If you say NO, then watch the video and support the technology which would make you smile and shop more often worldwide.


Check what the e-commerce sellers have to say!!! 90%+ would love to have this product. Help us build it with passion.


PS: We are on stealth mode!! Just for the heck of it. 

News : Achieved a Patent Pending Status on the concept!!

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