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The identified location of the school is surrounded by villages and transportation in those areas is very difficult. Earlier people used to do only firming . Presently with the development of modern communication system, the villages are linked with near by cities. But the distance of the school is the same. And the children remain deprived of the modern education. 


However, due to efforts of Navyug Foundation all these villages are getting awareness for attending the schools, but the poor education standards of Govt. schools does not fulfill all the developmental needs of children and thus create huge gap to be fulfilled. Now the requirement is to provide them better level of education with highest of standard including physical & mental growth at the nearest possible place. So we want to establish Navyug School to fulfill all the needs.

Long-Term Impact:

  • Establish the parallel education to underprivileged kids in the area with better quality education and facilities.
  • Increase in the awareness level of the parents about the importance for quality education and facilities which facilitate the overall growth of children.
  • Develop an education method where quality subject teaching will go hand in hand with physical and mental growth of the children especially in early childhood stage.
  • Develop a role model for the area.

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