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All in a day's news!! One toddler, one 22 year old and one 30 year old hit by vehicles. All because of the drivers' fault.

If this does not make it important enough to look at our driving behaviour, what will?

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Few years ago, pained by the sad and untimely death of two of his friends
in a road accident, Sunish decided to take an action. Soon he realised
that roads kill more people in India than any terror strike, disease or a
natural calamity. 1 person is hit on the road every minute and someone
dies every 4 minutes in India!

Sunish set up Concern for Road and Pedestrian Safety (CoRPS) in 2013 to
prevent road accidents and road deaths. One of the many reasons of
accidents is bad driving behaviour. It is not because people want to be
unsafe. It is because they do not perceive risk correctly. Unlike the
developed countries, the driving learning and licensing system in India is
not up to the mark. In countries with much better track record of road
safety, every person before applying for a license goes through
risk-perception training before learning vehicle handling. We do not have
such a system. Moreover, the entire process is tedious, unscientific and
filled with middlemen.

CoRPS is developing a very simple yet effective way to deal with this.
With the help of world's best behaviour scientists and technology
architects, CoRPS is developing a driving learning and risk index platform
that will be introduced in India in the next six months. The content,
including risk-perception modules and risk index, is ready to be piloted.
User platform is being developed. The solution will be piloted with 200
people before rolling out in the market. The overall cost of development
and piloting will be Rs 25 lakhs. We need Rs 15 lakh more to raise - and
we are going out to people of India to help with this.

Please contribute generously and help us save lives!

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