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>Monthly donations  help us in planning our programs better and for a longer term because people pledge a small fixed amount monthly. These amounts go into existing and new programs for children.

Single donation are also very helpful because they help us in collecting huge funds that we further deploy into our programs. Donors are able to donate a higher amount since it is a one – time donation.

Tax Benefit: We come under the ambit of the Indian society Act and all donations are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax act of 1961. 50% of donated amount is completely tax exempt. Receipts shared by us can help donors claim tax rebate.

>Why We Should Care?  

  • 13,40,000 children below 5 die in a year, that is 3671 under 5 child deaths per day

  • >Nearly half of all child deaths under 5 in India are attributed to undernutrition

  • 1 in every 11 children in India is working, when they should be at school

  • More than half (56%) of the under 5 deaths occur within the first 28 days of life, we work to prevent these lives

  • India accounts for more than 3 out of 10 stunted children in the world

  • 47% of the women in India are married when they are a child (before the age of 18), and 30% bear a child when they are a child (adolescent mothers)

  • 17.7 million children and adolescents are out of school in India, this is 14% of world's population of children out of school

  • 20% of grade 2 children in India cannot recognize numbers 1-9; 53% of children drop out of school at elementary level

  • 49.5% of grade 5 children cannot do subtraction and 55% of grade 8 children cannot solve 3 digits by 1 digit division problem; 51.09% of grade 5 children cannot read grade 2 English and 25.4% children of grade 8 cannot read grade 2 text

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