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The Summary

Magik was found in 2015 when 3 friends saw the children by the street, Homeless and Hungry! We helped them by giving them some clothes and food. Today, we are still striving to help them and give them a new Hope.


The Pitch & Impact

Since the day we saw the sight, we promised ourselves that we'd do our best in raising funds and helping these children. Our aim is to help the Homeless children in funding their bare needs like Food, Shelter, Health and most importantly Education and helping them nurture the creativity they have so that they can strive and be successful in their life.


By making a donation to this campaign, you not only help the children but you also give us a hope that good people do exist and the hopes of these children don't go down the vain.

This Campaign is raising funds for 1 child for a 1 year of their expenses. Refer the breakup for details.

Success Story


I remember one success story which i'd like to share. It was the July of 2015 and we had got coloring books for the kids in a slum. We distributed the books to kids ranging from 5 years to 11 years in the slum and explained them in a fun way how they can color in the books and how fun it would be for them. We observed all the kids one by one and we came across a 8 year old girl who did it so well and was ahead of everyone. When we asked her what made her do it so fast, she told us that she loved doing coloring and she wants to do it more when she grows older but she wasn't sure if she could make money from that. We were overwhelmed by her interest and we funded her learning for a year with an artist which helped her in learning a lot and she was in tears when she learnt that she gets a year to learn. This is by far one of the best we did!


The Risks and Challenges

The challenge we're facing now is a high financial crunch. This money is needed to keep the cause in motion or we may have to call it a day and the cause and hope would die.


How these Funds will be used

All of the amount we've raised will go towards helping the child in the below manner explained:


  • Rs.60,000 of the fund would go towards appointing a teacher for the children to help them learn basic education for 1 year that would help them in getting in better place rather than getting into pretty jobs just to help their family survive.
  • Rs.1,00,000 of the funding would go towards the food, clothing and medical expenses of the child for 1 year which would remove the burden of expense from their parents and thus they wouldn't have to go for work. Abolishing child labor would be the best thing we can contribute towards.
  • Rs.40,000 of the funding would go towards the books, study material or any kind of special coaching which a child may need in case of his/her special abilities.
  • Rs..25,000 of the funding would stay in reserve funding in case the amount falls short.
  • In case unfortunately, we do not reach the targeted amount, we plan to approach people personally in our reach and/or renew this campaign so that we get additional time to raise the funds.


I believe we do have generous people out there who'd love to help these children and make world a better place to live in.

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