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1.Tell us briefly about the your did you start ? what was your inspiration?

A:I have not yet started the my Organization and the inspiration came from  the companies i have worked.

2.Explain the problem you are trying to solve?How is it affecting the society?

A: I have problem in arranging INVESTMENT to start the organization.My organization will not have any bad effect on any of the beliefs of society.

3.Pitch your solution.What is your solution to solve this problem?

A: I have tried approaching some investors in local market of Bangalore and they want more returns from my organisation and its not possible because I have have start and I have to organize the organization to work as I want it to work.

4.How many people will be positively impacted and in what way?

A: I the starting stage I have planed to hire at least 10 people to work in my Organization and it will help them to get a better lively hood.

5.Discuss your fund utilization. How will you use the money raised?Give

the distribution

A:I have planed to utilize the funds raised like major investments like setting up work location(office), Purchasing the assets to use for work and the to get all the approvals from government to Start the Organization.Are my major things to work on at this starting stage.

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