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Every year,  lakhs of people   adding to the population of Hyderabad city due to migration for  livelihood.  Larger section of this population living in the slums along Musi River  in a single room without  facilities. Among them, we find more semi/orphan/poor Girl children families who are not going to school or getting dropouts. The Girls from these families are more  vulnerable  without proper school education. Government schools are not within the reach for free education. Due to insufficient income to maintain family, mothers engaging Girls in some domestic  work   by not sending them to school  and  missing primary Education.

What Sahara is doing: 

Since inception SAHARA has been striving hard to an employability potential among Semi/Orphan poor Girl Children, improving   quality of life of their life and install confidence to grow into responsible adults. Proving basic education and later create employability potential so they can support themselves and their families.  Also concentrating on imparting life skills to increase their self esteem. The project includes providing food material, nutrition, toiletries, fee support, educational material, health checkup, etc. Skills developmental activities such as computer, vocational training will also be taken up for grown up children so that they can create their own employability in the future.

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Project Impact :

Qualitative:  Semi/orphan poor and vulnerable Girls who are facing hindrance to pursue school education will become educated, seen improved life skills and better future. A positive change among their behavior and way of thinking is seen once they are educated.  Increased knowledge, skills and zeal of learning new things among them seen upgraded. Financial security of GILRS   improved. Seen Decrease in unsocial life/activities and school dropouts rate.

Quantitative: 100 Girls got benefited by going to school and improving life skills. Their mothers get benefited through support services and got direct benefit  of reducing financial burden on them in  educating girls.

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