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By Vishal Kulkarni

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Hello all,

I am on this site to raise funds for a very noble cause. We have some or the other organization to support human beings in cities and villages. But, there are very few animal support groups even in big cities. 

I own a Software company and have worked for last 20 years in the industry. But, now I think it is the right time for me to dedicate myself for a cause for which I have always dreamed. And that cause is to reach animals in need of help. 

For this cause I require an official NGO, infrastructure, part time veterinary doctors,  one vehicle to be modified as ambulance for quick relief, medicines, and volunteers. This all put together will require a big fund which is far more than I am requesting here. 

Anyhow, to begin with I have already started  the process of registering an NGO and creating a website where people can report any animal that needs to be rescued. Animal support organizations too will be able to register on the website and thus they can be contacted directly from anyone in their city.  This website will require high quality coding to make it very interactive, it will require a good server to host and where people can post their own stories with their videos and pictures, and a domain. This all will require around 40-50K INR. 

Another part is to begin the actual ground work with a small infrastructure of 24x7 call center with three to four volunteers or employees. This call center will take sos messages and contact the animal rescue group. This will be a toll free number and the work will first begin from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.  This requires a rented location in the main city with proper telephone and recording infrastructure. Apart from that it will also require two computers with internet where all the information will be fed and sos messages or notifications can be sent to the concerned team to attend.  This will cost additional 100K

An mobile app for android and ios will be launched where people can instantly locate an animal rescue group in case of emergency. Also this app will keep the community connected. This will cost around 80-120K 

We plan to seek help from the community so that they can report to us about any animal that needs immediate help. For promotional material another 20-30K is required. 

Initially we will start with a small ambulance. A second hand maruti omni van will be used so that the rescue team can reach anywhere in the city with required equipment and medication. This will require around 200k

Once this much is ready for one city first we will find out more people in other cities and try to give them all the facilities to start building up the teams there along with infrastructure. But, that is the second phase which I will decide along with the people who will join me in the first phase. 

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