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We are a team of two army wives having started our own entreprenual venture in the field of sustainable fashion. We have launched our own label called APRIL.. Lady Redefined. As you read this we still keep busy bringing small online business through our social media campaign, and keep the craftmen busy and paid. We already have a similar model in practice although in a smaller scale. But the proof of concept has been established to be beneficial for all.

Being an army wife, we see a lot of the country side. One get’s to see and meet a lot of people from Rural India and becomes naturally fond of exploring rural craft and art from far and beyond places. It’s the upside of staying in difficult places with our spouses with lack of infrastructure and connectivity. It is then that you also see the difficulty that these local people go through, their zeal for life, struggles to keep long forgotten traditions and artwork alive.

We realized that all this concrete jungle and advancement of technology, modern appliances are doing a major disservice to the interests of these poor people by reducing the demand of their goods and cutting down on their already meager sources of income. We in the cities take a lot of pride in purchasing branded clothes and apparel, filling voluntarily the coffers of the ultra rich who may not need it that much.

This project is small step from our side to create niche products out of village handlooms from all over India, and reach it out to your wardrobe for you to see and experience the magic that those ancient artisans discovered and evolved over a period of time.


This campaign will help us to scale up the sales by reaching out directly to a far greater number of consumers and sales agents thereby greatly multiplying the demand and thus reduce the costing to levels matching contemporary clothing..

Your kind contributions will allow us to create a multi faceted network of Cottage industry producers, agents and consumers. Taking it to a multimillion business in no time.

More so your contributions will go a long way into establishing us firmly as a proof of concept on a larger scale, we thank you for that in advance. 

The Impact

The Project has multi faceted benefits for all:

(a) Ensure survival of our cultural heritage in the midst of this brand onslaught.

(b) Creating alternative source of income for numerous households in middle and poor segments.

(c) Promote Swadesi clothing line and apparels.

(d) Enabling our present and future generations to experience and take pride in the rich cultural heritage of the country.

(e) Our project will also help a number of housewives, retired persons and students to create additional avenues of opportunity and income for themselves.

ALL OUR CONTRIBUTIONS ARE BEING TREATED AS PRE-SALES. and we shall be issuing Equivalent values of vouchers in return along with personalised Thank You Notes and Other Brand Goodies.

The Risks and Challenges

We do not see much risk into this, however a lot of work will go into creating a perfect user friendly platform, secured payment gateways, and finding the correct logistics partner for the job.

We have a dedicated team already working on the various tieups with our strategic partners.

How these Funds will be used                         

  • We need approx Rs 10,00,000/- to begin with hoisting of an app and website for our clients and agents.                
  • We will also be hiring social media teams for rapid promotion of the app and products.
  • The funds will be used to provide raw material and wages to the craftsmen.
  • We will still go ahead with the project even if we meet a portion of the target funds even if on a small scale because its better to begin somewhere than to wait for the apt opportunity,

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