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Hi,I m Navneeth  with a passion of traveling places and exploring new things. I have travelled to many cities in India and Also to Srilanka. I have taken a lot of Photos,Wrote Articles and made Updates on Facebook. But due to some reasons I couldnt able to write articles of my travel experiences and Manage my Facebook page. I have found that I couldnt able to get much reach on my posts and less than few of my photos were sold,which made me difficult to raise my fund for the next travel. I found out that people were bit envious during my travel days because they couldnt able to travel much like I did even though the experience that I'm showing through posts and tips and motivation to visit their places was to inspire people. This in turn demotivated me to try out travel filmmaking, taking travel courses and other activities. Still I didnt give up hope on Travelling as I didnt want to give up on my bigger travel dreams and help people in succeeding them in their travel dreams especially to the aspirants who have energy but less resources. 

I would request you to all the donors to make small and easy contribution which neither burns your hole in your pocket nor making a big donation that will make me depend on others in terms of finance,.

Why I chose Bangladesh as the travel destination?

I feel that the journey towards reaching my travel dreams should start with small and easy.  so I chose Bangladesh after travelling to Srilanka. I feel I can take some steps which is easy and less risk as a beginner by travelling to countries which are really close and costs less money. Plus Bangladesh is one of the underrated destinations which can be tried.



1.Updates about my travels

2. Coming up with useful tips in helping you travel smoothly

3. A hope that from my side I will provide my support who  face the problems in achieving their travel dreams just like you are helping me on this.

I dont have much rewards to excite you but I can make you feel good by making you donate Less amount as default.

Thank you once again

Note : for International donors :  Default contribution is 1 Dollar or less

Indians : Rs 20

Another Reason on why I want to be donated less is because maybe I may not meet your higher expectation and make you feel bad. If you have higher expectation or want higher rewards then I'm sorry, Please dont donate here.

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