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Hey All,

My name is Abilash, I am a school dropout & right now, a professional working for a start-up. I have one of the craziest idea to be patented. This idea is all about business in the future.

A device attached to the place where men pee. The device will be pressure sensitive and will be able to run games at the same time. The device will get activated by the sensor on top (Just like the one that will be triggered during flush). The SDK will be made for the developers to write games. This will be connected online and scores can be shared with friends on a mobile app.

If I am writing this, I hope things will not be copied by anybody and I hope to get the patent as soon as possible.

Yes, this is funny. But I would like to make use of this space in the medical field. Soon, this will be able to measure the urine contents (Sugar level, other medical related data) in the hospitals individually.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all find it interesting. This is the first place I have shared it publicly and I hope to see some positive feedback and funds for patenting. 

Request: Please do not copy this idea.

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