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Raise fund for my Dream project

Raise fund for my Dream project

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Vijay Yadav
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Vijay Kumar Yadav
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Vijay Yadav
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Vijay Kumar Yadav


About Myself.

  • My Name is Vijay and i am a college drop out  working  on my own project.
  • I  Created this fundraiser  because i need fund to  work on my project and i don't have  fund.

About Project .

Hello all, this campaign is for a project which relates to type of online E-commerce  known as bidding, But this time it without any loss means people who loss in a bid won't loss their money at all. They can always trade their cash for products in our catalog  which will be at lowest price of all.

Just in case you are new to  world of bidding ,  we want you to know  that bidding  is form of trading by which you can get a product for only fraction of price and thus saves you your hard earned money and you can buy expensive products with bidding .  We will provide products at lowest cost without any retailer margins so people can afford products and save money. But for that , we need your support and there are great things to GO !

In case your are not able to understand anything about this project kindly go through our FAQs :

1) What is bidding ?

With bidding , people are able to buy any product that is  expensive at only fraction of cost and save money.

2) By bidding , it means that other will lose their money except the winner right ?

Not true , this project is specially launched to solve this issue and make people confident bidding for products.

3) How can people utilize their money , Who loss in a bid ?

None loses , they will always have option to buy any product from our site with that money and product will be offered at lowest price without any retailer margins.

4) Aside of bidding , what else will be there ?

You will have e-commerce store too in which you can buy branded products at affordable and lowest prices.

5) How will donaters will be updated about this project ?

We will keep you updating whenever we make move and they will be credited for making this project come alive and will also have exclusive prices for products which will be even lower than those on site.

6) How we will utilizing funds ?

At first , there come website designing and development   cost which is Rs. 50000/- we will be having apps too so another Rs- 40000/- to be spent on them. and we will be promoting this project on radio, Google and much more .... and it will cost around  Rs. 100000/- and rest will be spent on products by taking some funds from you and rest whole from our side.

Thank You !


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