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Fire Fighting v/s Fire Never Happening?

For the past 8 months we have been working on solving a problem. IIT Bombay, Jai Hind College and Startup Grind, powered by Google have all appreciated our venture. We are trying to get attention on an issue which has been taken for granted for many years.

It is safety, Fire Safety.

It was always treated as a luxury, rather than a priority, which only few could afford.

We are working on increasing the ability of common man to fight Fire, which is one of the most disastrous ‘Evils’ killings thousands every year. “Maharashtra has the highest number of fire incidents in India, over 4800 Fire Incidents and more than 3500 died in 2010. 121,325 people died and 13,721 people were injured over the past five years. The death ratio is so skewed that for every person injured due to fire, 8 others die due to fire, that’s the harsh reality.” [Source: NCRB 2010-15]

When on an average 67 people die every day due to fire accidents, there is something out there that is not good enough to keep us safe. Yes the fire men are going out of their way and comfort zone to keep us safe but isn't it our responsibility to try our best to minimize the risk? Ever heard of First Aid?

Do you actually know how to use the fire extinguisher kept in your lobby?  Is one fire extinguisher effective enough for an entire house? Do you really think your grandparents; the kids in the house are safe without the ability to use a fire extinguisher?

Let me tell you about an incident to make you understand how catastrophic fire can be.

"My son and I were asleep, unaware of the horror about to alter the course of our lives forever. We were woken up by the frantic barking of our dog in its outrageous attempt to comprehend the cause of the commotion. Goosebumps prickled my skin as reality sunk in. I flung open the bedroom door to see flames consuming the lower level of our house. I snapped out of my numbness only when I found out that my son was making his way out of the door rubbing his eyes as if he could not comprehend the reality. I gave him a rough push inside the room and bolted the door shut. As the fire consumed our house, my mind was racing. "I had to think quickly. There was no escape. We were on the top floor, and the fire had blocked all exits. We were trapped without any viable recourse." It was then that I realized the extent of the damage. "Fire and Old Age engulfed my parents, who couldn't flee owing to their age." I lost my parents that day. My son was swinging like a pendulum between life and death, with 40 per cent burns. My house was wreaked; our entire life took a drastic turn. One night, a few hours turned devastating for us. It changed our life.

When one escapes from a fire rather than extinguishing it, it's letting it become more aggressive and destructive for the next person to battle with it.

For the past 8 months we're working on replacing the fire extinguisher with a new technique, more effective and easier to use. We are in discussion with Mr. Rahangle, the Director of Maharashtra Fire Services for proper guidance with this venture. We’re working on a “fire fighter” that doesn’t require any skill. All it requires is “pick and throw”. It is very easy to use, safe, harmless and can be used by kids, adults, senior citizens alike. This technology can be not only be a good alternative to the existing fire extinguishers, but further research by our team also suggests that with this we can not only extinguish fire, but prevent fire as well. We’re at a point where we have studied the technology thoroughly and we need capital to proceed with our work, we need to establish ISI standard, do multiple test or various types of material, to make the chemical go through few processes and campaigns to create awareness, we are raising the funds through crowd funding to go ahead with this venture and what we need is your help. We are in collaboration with an NGO with whom we are working towards creating awareness about fire safety and fire prevention.

We need your help in saving thousands of lives each year. We need your help to prevent fire, rather than just extinguishing it.

So if you think we are doing some good work please support us to fight this cause.

Pledge to a Safer India! Pledge to Fire Fighting!

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