Providing daily meal to poor families of patients for Rs5

By Yash Agarwal

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• Donate Food for 50 people:     Rs. 1,000.00

• Donate Food for 100 people:   Rs. 2,000.00

• Donate Food for 200 people:   Rs.4000.00

• Donate Food for 300 people:   Rs 6,000.00

• Donate Food for 500 people:   Rs.10,000.00

 ( Or donate any amount of your choice)

This initiative has been started to provide subsidized food to the low income group of the society. There are many persons in society who avoid having food and run their day on tea and bread as it is cost effective. With this initiative an attempt is being made to provide food at the price of tea through contribution from the society.

Currently we are running a pilot with 100 meals per day in one city and would want to expand the number of meals and cover more cities. The subsidy per meal is coming out to be Rs 25, which will come down with scale and as we become more efficient in our operations. For persons going through unfortunate circumstances (fire, flood etc), the meals are without any charge.

Through this fund raiser we want to raise awareness and channelize resources towards an efficient way of fighting hunger where your resources will go towards the person who really need it.

People do contribute to this cause by providing food on festivals, birthdays or special occasion at home. Samarpan ek prayas is providing a platform to people to channelize their contributions. One can provide meals for a day (Rs 25 per meal per day) or for a week or longer duration. You can also book meals donation for a specific day to celebrate your special event with underprivileged.

Apart from donations, we are also looking for ideas / resources for making this initiative more efficient and effective. So please write to us, if you can support the cause in any way !!!

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