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First One stop solution in the world where we provide free religious and spiritual consultation absolutely free of cost.

The problem we are trying to solve? How is it affecting the society? 

People always need a direction in life . How often do we think, that if there would have been someone who could had guided us in our life in spirituality? Or at least a backup support where we can get some proper direction in life. Well, The answer is Many Times. Okay apart from this, we always want a guruji or panditji who will perform all this rituals for you. But in today's world of globalization, it is becoming very difficult for an indivisual to search for a guruji/panditji for a ritual in a festival or a holy season. Thus, people usually tend to skip some rituals which hamper our culture of India. 

Thus, this brings me to my conclusion, we have made such a portal First time in world where you can book a guruji or an expert in India +18 countries within  2 hours of response. Where we will not only provide some indian practices but also some Internationally approved practices at extremely low and competitive rates.

- How many people will be positively impacted and in what way?

* All people in India who have religious and spiritual beliefs as well as people all around the world who believe in this can be impacted in a positive way. Many services will be given free of cost so people can make the most of it.

- Discuss your fund utilization. How will you use the money raised? Give the distribution.

We will use this fund to reach people at a global level. People really need this services but they are not aware of anything like this which is already available in the market. Thus, we will be doing a lot of digital marketing so we can serve thousand and millions of people absolutely free of cost.  Want yo scale up the startup to a global level and more people.  So people could get the benefits and comfortableness of getting services and a tip of their finger.

- Our services 

1. Guruji Bookings. 2. Kundali Bookings 3. Vastushastra Bookings 4. Palmology 5. Tarot Card 6. Turkish Coffee reading 7. Candle reading 8. Panchanga services and many many more services. 

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