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My name is Manish joshi . I am a actor , director, magician and a. Playwright. I am also a recipient of Sangeet Natak Aadmi National award. I want to perform a play Theatre wala on Bike. It will be a multicity tour. I will perform this play in 10 cities of India. The total cost for this project is 8 lakh rupees. I have 3 lakh rupees and I require 5 lakh rupees more. If you van contribute the above said amount I will be able to.complete my dream Project. The project cost consists of fooding travelling,accomodation fuel and of course 2 bikes.

Theatre on Bikes – A concept by Manish Joshi 

Theatre on Bikes is a unique theatrical project by young theatre practitioner Manish Joshi. Manish Joshi belongs to Hisar and he is also a National awardee from Sangeet Natak Academy. He is also known for his theatre language “Use of Magic in Theatre”. 
This is a multicity tour of play Theatrewala. The play will tour in 20 cities of India and will be travelled by a motorbike. Theatrewala is a play which deals with life of artistes. The play consists of Indian Street Magic, Puppetry, Live Singing and trained actors. Theatre on Bikes will also carry strong message of Save Girl Child during travelling. 


For centuries, theatre, or rather, drama has been used to present creative imitations of society and the human condition. Be it the mimes and gags of Commedia dell’ Arte in 16th century Italy, or the dramaturgical prescriptions of our very own Bharat Muni in his Natya Sastra. However, while holding up the mirror for reflection may be the highest objective, the dramatic form is foremost used to simply tell stories.
 From fairytales for children to gossip exchanged through the grapevine at work, stories are an active, undeniable necessity that add color to everyday life. They fuel our imaginations, allowing us an escape from the drab fixtures of reality. Be it a novel, film or play that you enjoy, what you are essentially enjoying is the act of storytelling. An act that is unifying and invigorating for both, the storyteller and listener. It is the intuitive trust that we place in our knowledge of a story that makes it the most effective medium to place messages, morals and any fodder for reflection.
 The act of theatre takes this experience a notch higher by bringing alive in flesh, blood and breath, these stories. Simply put, theatre may be defined as an act of dramatic expression received by an interpreting, anticipating individual. Although its conception cannot be dated back to a single point, it has evolved across centuries with new genres, styles and audiences that encouraged the experiments of their storytellers. As a practice, it simply exists; like architecture, permanent yet changing and unquestioned.
 Communication and reflection achieved through theatre is a two-way process. In order for a performer to communicate with an audience and cause them to reflect, he/she must themselves have undergone an internal communication, rather, introspection concerning the text they are to bring alive in dramatic form. Theatre on Bikes will represent a strong communication between audiences of different places. Also it’s a new form of storytelling. Theatre on Bikes is a unique experiment to take theatre into masses very simply. The aim of Theatre on Bikes is to experiment a new form of theatre, understanding people and conveying a strong message of Saving Girl Child through this campaign. 
How it will be managed 
Two actors will travel on bikes with sound and lights already fitted on bikes. Before performing in any specified city , local theatre groups of that cities will be contacted to manage the performance and for local publicity. I can manage this part easily as I am nationally acclaimed theatre practitioner and I have big networking with theatre groups all over India. 

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