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 *Story is narrated by one of the characters in the script Humans need fantasies to make life bearable Life is as fake as an mirage and at the same time as true as mothers love, living in a wrong world as a right person and living in a right world as a wrong person is what life is for me! Yes you are reading my story, a story which I would like to say to the world, and not the story which you as a reader would love to read.Wrong is wrong even if it helps us, but in the quest of finding my girl love I’m ready to do that wrong and prove myself right everytime I do wrong. It’s surprising to see how a few radical incidents around us change an individual living with us happily to another radical, these are the one’s who believe, who have a mindset which says “when terrorism in instant why can’t justice be also that”. At the same time on the same radical incident there would be one more person who would react like it’s not happening to me or my relatives so what’s the point of questioning it? You as a reader must be wondering why is this philosophy being explained here? Well answering it let me tell you, my story starts and ends with a person admitting capturing a woman in indecent way, another world in movies, stories always have been the evil spirits, ghosts etc,Yeah my story also has them but along with that there is another world which my story speaks about, it speaks about the ruthlessness of an individual towards a fellow living who is a radical at the same time it also speaks about the kindness of an individual towards the wrong hecommits.Explaining the story on paper can go emotionless sometimes but this story even if not said can leave tears to the living.Psychological thriller?, Haunting movie?, Investigation?, Love?, Romance?, Evil Spirit?,Ruthlessness?All of the above mentioned in one story, a story which took a research of 3 and half years, a story which took a gripping 6 months after the research to be scripted above all a story which leaves the viewer with a question, A question which he/she should have asked themselves long long back! A story with a great message to an individual living in the society, A story which is as fake as an mirage and at the same time as true as mothers love.

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We as a team have been working on this concept for more than 3 years now, we have met a lot of Psychiatrists, Disordered patients, People who have experienced cruelty, kindness and bothat the same time across India and we are still meeting people both from the fields of Science as well Magic.The core members of our team are all from Engineering background, this is mentioned just to win a few brownie points with the Engineering affection.

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