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How are you doing? I know it is a weird thing to start a fundraiser for my divorce. But this is one of the last options left for me. I am a qualified professional with 7 yrs of experience. My husband was an NRI, suppose to shift back to India, after marriage.  So I stayed back with hopes that he would soon return.

Matters worsened, when immediately after, my reaching Netherlands, his parents came there, for 2 months. All 3 of them treated me very badly. Abused me and made fun of me all the time. I did all the house work, food, cleaning etc.

But every day i was praying that if I patiently handled all this, maybe they would have a change of heart. But i was wrong.

When his parents left for India, Piush, my husband, had completely stopped talking to me. He used to call my mother and scold her that her daughter does not cook delicious food and is lazy in doing house work.

In mid of October, i had to recharge my phone, so i opened his laptop. His gmail was open, due to auto sign in. I saw girl's name and the word "escort" in a subject line of one mail. Curious, i opened it and found that my husband was a regular customer of that escort/ call girl providing agency. I also read that he has sexually abused the escort girls, for which the agency was fining him, to which Piush had agreed to pay. All these mails were post marriage. I still have a copy of his mail conversation with the escort agencies. I also found that he is doing paid sex chats and tried other escort agencies in Netherlands, even after marriage.

My ticket to India was already booked by Piush, because he wanted to visit India once a year. But he had booked my ticket, for a month before than his. He said that i should go to India in November as i wanted to help my mother with Chath puja. He would come in December.

After finding out about the escort girls and the abuse Piush does, i tried to per pond my ticket, because of my safety, but Piush did not agree.

So now i have returned to India. Me and my family have discussed this issue with my in laws, when they were in my town, Patna. They said they would immediately call Piush, back to India, to discuss this issue. We have given them the copies of his mails and chats. Also, they promised to stay in Patna and visit me as they understand my depression. But the very next day, they left Patna, without informing us, for Ranchi, their place. Since then, we have called them a number of times, to discuss and find a proper solution, but they have rebuked us and threatened us also. Piush’s brother in law tried to mitigate the matter.

Piush and his parents have abandoned me completely. Since I’m concerned about my safety, I’m not daring to goto Ranchi, my sasural. His parents and Piush are calling me and my family to unknown place in Mumbai, to discuss this, else they have do not want to see me. We have requested them to meet in Patna (my home), Ranchi (his home) or if they prefer, Delhi (my brother’s home). But they have denied this and stopped talking to us.

I come from a middle class family. We have already spent more than 2 lakhs in court proceedings, travelling, lawyers ' psy and other misc things. To worsen my woes, the Supreme Court of India rejected my application to transfer the Divorce case from his residential state to mine.I have filled another criminal case, which also needs to be taken care of.

My father is not employed, mother is to due to retire from a private school in July 2017 and elder brother is still paying loans taken for my wedding. I am trying my best to get a job at the earliest but still have no luck. My husband and his family are rich and have tried to influence the cases externally too.

Please help me fund my legal proceedings and I would be grateful.

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