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I am James John. I hail from Kerala and I soon would be 26. Although I am currently working for a travel company in Delhi to earn my livelihood I have a great passion for writing poems and real life accounts. On my journey of working with one of the MNC in the past I came across a compelling true account of love, pursuance and struggle that I couldn't resist but pen down to share with the mass. 

[1] Love follows Love is the story of twenty-three-year-old Joshua Thomas, a passionate lover, whose relationship with his newly found soul mate is suddenly threatened by his past.

[2] Sensing Joshua's attempts to conceal some truth, Shefali develops a suspicion for him. And while he leaves no stone unturned to keep their relationship intact, a series of unexpected events expose both truth and lies to her, leading to an inevitable split. In the dearth of his beloved, as he succumbs to pain and despair, he pens down his thoughts and gives it a form of final letter.

[3] Determined to handover the letter and keep an old promise, Joshua embarks on a journey to pursue his love but instead is left to battle for his life. Now when everyone appears to lose hope, a selfless stranger changes the entire course.  

[4] Since adults care deeply about love and relationships and are excited to witness revival of lost love, I think readers will identify with Joshua and find him as an exemplary lover, who appeals strongly to everyone to pursue the one they truly love by all means.       

 [5] Replete with happenstances, struggles and an undying hope of the protagonist, this story is set in the metropolitan of Delhi and hill town of Kalimpong, runs about 96,000 words and has an initial backdrop of BPO industry which will ensure association among the readers of that industry as well as render a brief insight to those who aren’t.    

I have already published the ebook version of Love follows Love through Amazon KDP a month ago which has done fairly well sales-wise without no marketing at all. Lately I've been receiving a lot of requests for paperback. I am quite hopeful of this book to do well. I would really appreciate if you all can help me publish my debut book. 


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