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By Mohini Mudaliar

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My name is Mohini. And I am trying to raise funds for one of my very dear friend Vishak Pillai.  He currently in very bad shape. He faced a huge loss in his logistics business and from then onwards really struggling to meet ends. He is not able to pay his daily bills. 

His dad passed away when he was 2 years old. His entire life has been a struggle.  He had worked real hard to set up his business in logistics. He was eventually doing really well for a couple of months but due to some technical glitches, he suffered a huge loss in business. For a person who has no backing, no one to support him financially he is going through turbulent times. Since he does not have any property to avail loan against no banks are ready to lend him money. He is in business for two years now. 

If this was not hard enough for him to deal with the vendor company has filed a case against him as he defaulted on payments due to the loss. 

Every day I see him struggling to get an investor or arrange for a loan so that he can pay off his debts. But nobody wants to help as he has no financial security.  He has a lot of potential. Last year his business turnover was 47 LAKHS approx. What he needs is an angel to help him out of his problem.

I am really worried for him as he seems to be on the brink of a nervous breakdown and of lately having suicidal tendencies. Just because some is poor does not mean they do not have potential. What the person needs is just some guiding angel.

Some of you all have come through situations and families like these and know how it feels. I would request you to please help my friend in this difficult time.  If anyone of you can act as an investor in his business or if can make small donations to help the chap out it would really be great. Any help is really welcome.

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