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There in the distant forest, a tree tirelessly pumps oxygen for you. Guess you owe him a thank you because in the end, our kids can only breathe air, not wads of currency notes or technology!”Luckily, there’s always a way to thank the forests. Of all the good things you ever wanted to contribute to Mother Nature, this one is probably the easiest and most rewarding. Hi! We are Nature Treat and we are here to save our endangered flora from extinction. Based out of Solan, watching herbal medicines which ones grew in abundance

disappear led to the birth of this project whose sole focus is to preserve our ecological and natural diversity.We realised that everyone wants to save them and had all the intentions needed. What was missing was their time! And we just decided to do that.We got people to plant a tree with a mouse click! Yes, that’s a movement we started 8 years back. With more than 10 acres of barren land at our expense, we got people to grow, preserve and nurture a wildlife. You sign up, we plant a sapling on your behalf. A farmer tends, nurtures feeds and takes utmost care of your sapling. With its growth, a small patch is allotted to it and your name is engraved as a gesture of thanks just ahead of it. All you need to contribute is INR 500 and we will ensure there is a sustainable tree out of a sapling in 2 years. We do not save exotic species. Exotic species are beautiful to see, however, take a huge chunk out of benefits to the majority of other forest life forms. We preserve medicinal herbs that are part of most Ayurvedic preparations. Himachal Pradesh provides 80% of those medicinal herbs and those herbs have nothing but extinction in their face.

Your donation will not only help the restoration of important species but generate employment in the area, keep dozens of farmers employed, increase medicinal export through local vendors and ultimately help reach ayurvedic medicines at places which are still impoverished enough to not afford healthcare or expensive allopathy.Today, we are a family of more than 3000 people who has donated for this service to mother nature and fellow humanity. Help save a species, help save our planet

Regards Kamlesh

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