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Students learn best when they are allowed to learn at their own pace based on their previous knowledge. New information is built over reusing of previous information. The platform will help to conduct pretest and posttest. Pretest checks where you were, and posttest checks where you are after intervention or experimental manipulation. The platform will give useful statistical insights about students improvement with details of how to conduct pre and post tests.

I am a python and javascript developer with expertise in angularjs.  I also work on IPFS and ethereum platform that uses blockchain technology for the decentralized web.

Deadline for Completing the project:

The video shown is just a prototype, the beta version of the app will be made available within 6 months.

The project will help teachers to provide personalized education to students and the platform app will be open source. Teachers can build personalized exams with least effort. 

pretest and posttest should run in a chain that checks the improvement. 

The platform will provide statistical insights in which concepts students are falling behind, where they require improvement. If a student doesn't perform well in some topics of the exam, such topics should be noted down and intervention needs to be taken, then again a posttest with questions based on the performance of pretest. These tests should be of low stakes. Questions design should meet the learning strategies, not random questions only to test students. The platform will provide all details of how to design effective questions. Each unit should undergo this chain, till the learning goals are reached.

For more details about the research:
Personalized learning goals: New information is built over reusing of previous information

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